Faculty and Staff

Administration and Staff

Name Title
Dr. Christopher Mathews Dean, Warren M. Angell College of Fine Arts
Professor of Music
Dr. Michael Dean Division of Music Chair
Professor of Music
Dr. Vickie Shamp Ellis Chair, Division of Communication Arts
Professor of Communication Arts
Corey Fuller Chair, Division of Art and Design
Ruth Jay Odom Professorship in Fine Arts
Assistant Professor of Graphic Design
Jessica Phillips Secretary to the Dean, Fine Arts
Deanna Spruiell Secretary, Communication Arts, Art and Design

Full-Time Faculty

Name Title
Dr. Kaylene Barbe Professor of Communication Studies
Frank W. Patterson Professorship in Communications
Benjamin Baxter Assistant Professor of Animation and Motion Graphics
Julie Blackstone Assistant Professor of Art
Joshua S. Brunet Assistant Professor of Art
Kelsey D'Emilio Assistant Professor of Music
Dr. Hephzibah Dutt Assistant Professor of Theatre
Director of Theatre
Holly Easttom Assistant Professor of Journalism
Dr. Lee Hinson Professor of Church Music
Dr. Louima Lilite Associate Professor of Music
McGavern-Montgomery Professorship in Music
Scot Loyd Director of Forensics and Debate
Assistant Professor of Communication Studies
Dr. Abigail Mace Assistant Professor of Music
Director of Preparatory Department
Christi McGahan Instructor of Journalism & Mass Media
Dr. Patricia Nelson Associate Professor of Music Education
Dr. Justin Pierce Assistant Professor in Instrumental Music
Dr. Teresa C. Purcell Director of Bands
Assistant Professor of Music
Dr. Peter Purin Associate Professor of Music Theory
Dr. Stephen Sims Assistant Professor of Music, Worship Leadership
Dr. James Vernon Professor of Music
Burton H. Patterson Professorship in Music
Jake Yenish Assistant Professor of Theatre Design