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Earn Your Bachelor of Art in Graphic Design

Design is everywhere you look. The furniture we sit on, the homes in which we live, the books and posters we read and the apps and interfaces we use; all have been considered and designed for an optimal user experience. Designers create order and meaning out of chaos, and thus fulfill a critical role in our society. They organize our lives at almost a subconscious level. Graphic designers, in particular, have the critical role of getting a message across to an audience.

At OBU, students are encouraged to think critically and ethically about the world we live in and, in a way, the world we create for ourselves to inhabit. OBU students possess the desire and ability to engage tough questions and solve real and pressing problems through good and thoughtful design.

Program Options

Program Options Degree Plan
Bachelor of Art (B.A.) in Graphic Design PDF
Minor in Graphic Design PDF

What makes an OBU Graphic Design degree special?

Our students are passionate about making a difference in the world utilizing graphic design. Because of our variety of courses in package, advertising, interactive and typographic design, our students are prepared for the challenges that face them in a competitive job market. Our students regularly win Addy Awards from the American Advertising Federation. Our students' work has been featured on national news sites such as and Huffington Post. Our students have also done work for the OKC Thunder and Starbucks.

What are OBU graduates doing with their Graphic Design degrees?

Students find a variety of contexts in which to work professionally -- large and small design firms as well as in-house creative departments. Some stay local and some choose to set out on an adventure that leads them to places like New York City or Washington D.C. Because of OBU's reputation and the rigor of our curriculum, our students find work quickly after graduating.


Art Scholarships are available to qualifying students.


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This program is offered through Art and Design in the Warren M. Angell School of Visual and Performing Arts.

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