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Disability Services

The Disability Services Office welcomes you to Oklahoma Baptist University. Our office seeks to provide access to all academic and social opportunities at OBU for qualified students with documented disabilities, through reasonable accommodations. The office will work with staff, faculty, and administrators to ensure that the needs of students are met. The Disability Services Office is located in the Geiger Center 101 and can be reached by phone at 405.585.5285 or 405.585.5250.

Disability Statement:

Oklahoma Baptist University complies with the Section 504 of the Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 which prohibits discrimination on the basis of physical or mental disability. OBU will take necessary steps to ensure that no student with a disability is denied the benefits of or excluded from an educational opportunity or activity based on being a student with a disability. Furthermore, OBU will take steps to ensure that no student with a disability is subject to discrimination.

It is the student's responsibility to self-identify and inform the office of accommodation needs. All accommodations requests are the responsibility of the student. Students are encouraged to submit documentation for review as soon as possible to ensure completion in a timely manner.

Accommodations Information

OBU is prepared to provide accommodations for students with disabilities as required by law and recognizes that the responsibility is shared among staff, faculty, and administrators. The Disability Services Office serves a wide range of students with documented disabilities including, but not limited to:

Reasonable accommodations are individualized and based on the documented impact of the student's disability. Accommodations will create equal access without fundamentally altering the academic programs. Accommodations include, but are not limited to:

Requesting Accommodations

  1. Student must self-identify and complete the Intake Form in a timely manner with the Disability Services Office, GC 101.
  2. Submit disability documentation.
  3. Meet with the Director of International Students and Disability Services to discuss reasonable accommodations.
  4. Come to GC 101 to a sign notification letter each semester.
  5. Discuss all reasonable and approved accommodations with professors.
  6. Schedule exams throughout the semester with the Testing Coordinator located in Mabee Learning Center.
  7. Notify the Director of International Students and Disability Services or your professor if you have any concerns, problems or additional requests.

Contact Information

Joy Carl
Director of International Students and Disability Services