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Work Study

What is Federal Work Study?

Work Study is a federal aid program designed to provide part-time employment for a limited number of students who have financial need. Work Study eligibility awards represent the total amount a student is eligible to earn in wages from federal aid after securing an on-campus job.

How do I apply for a Federal Work Study job?

First, Federal Work Study eligibility is not a job guarantee. Since more students have eligibility for Work Study than funds can support, a student is responsible for finding a job. The Student Financial Services Office makes no attempt to judge the work skills of each applicant. We simply identify eligibility to participate in the program. Some applicants may be better qualified than others, and some more motivated than others. Therefore, the decision to hire rests solely with the employer. Some areas may have only one student employee, while other areas may have several. Further, job availability depends to a certain extent on the number of student workers returning from the previous year. Please check the OBU Career Development Job Portal for possible on campus as well as off campus job openings.

How are Work Study benefits paid to me?

A Work Study recipient must be enrolled full-time. Earnings are not automatically applied to the student’s account. A student who secures a Work Study job will be paid bi-weekly at minimum wage. A payroll check will be issued to the student, who then can use the proceeds for personal expenses or apply the proceeds to his/her school bill.