Club Sports

Club sports is a way groups of students with similar interests come together to organize and participate in a specific sport and / or recreational sporting activity.

We have 6 active club sports that compete in local, regional and intercollegiate competitions. There are several other Clubs that are in development as well. Whether you have been playing a sport for years or want to try something new, we encourage you to join a team or get one started!

Active Club Sports

 Womens Volleyball    Womens Soccer    Womens Basketball                   

 Women's Club Volleyball       Women's Club Soccer      Women's Club Basketball

 Climbing    Mens Soccer    Mens Basketball

          Climbing Club                  Men's Club Soccer            Men's Club Basketball

Club Sports in Development

Archery       Bass       Disc       LAX   

   Archery           Bass Fishing          Disc Golf       Men's Lacrosse

Shotgun       Tennis       Ultimate       MVBall

   Shotgun              Tennis         Ultimate Frisbee  Men's Volleyball


Waiver of Liability Form

Participant Consent/Medical Info Form

Emergency Contact Form



For more information about a specific club, or if you're interested in starting a new club sport, please contact the Office of Club Sports at or 405.585.5227.