How to Start a Club Sport

1. Email with the Sport of Choice

2. Form an interest group

  • Develop a list of at least double the number of participants needed for a team.
  • At the Meeting:
    • Maintain a record of the discussion and the decisions that happen during the meeting.
    • Explain how attendees can help develop the club.
    • Clearly state the reason and purpose of the club sport.
    • Have everyone introduce themselves.
    • Identify yourself and any other interest group leaders.
    • Collect full names, phone numbers and email addresses.

3. Complete the New Club Interest Form

  • Application Includes:
    • Writing a formal club constitution
    • Defining the leadership roles, leagues and opponents.

4. Schedule a meeting with the Club Sports Coordinator

  • Application will be reviewed
  • Interest group can answer any questions the coordinator has regarding the potential club.

5. Present the new club proposal to the Club Sports Leadership Council

  • Council may voice concerns/questions
  • If the council has issues that need to be revisited, the interest group will have two weeks to readdress those issues.

6. Once concerns have been addressed, the proposed club sport will either be approved or denied

  • Approved- interest group may begin their chartered club sport non-funded for a year.
  • Denied- interest group must wait to reapply until the next school year.