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Payment Plans

Undergraduate students may pay semester charges for tuition, fees, room and board in installments of three, four or five payments.

Five-Payment Plan Schedule

Payment Fall Spring
First July 1 December 1
Second August 1 January 1
Third September 1 February 1
Fourth October 1 March 1
Fifth November 1 April 1

Four-Payment Plan Schedule

Payment Fall Spring
First August 1 January 1
Second September 1 February 1
Third October 1 March 1
Fourth November 1 April 1

Three-Payment Plan Schedule

Payment Fall Spring
First September 1 February 1
Second October 1 March 1
Third November 1 April 1

Once you receive your OBU statement, simply subtract the Memo Balance from the Total Due and divide by the appropriate number of payments (three, four or five). Send your payments by the deadlines indicated above.

Please note: Any balance not paid in full by September 1 in Fall or February 1 in Spring will automatically be placed on a three-payment plan. In addition, a late fee of $23 will be charged for each month an account is not paid by the monthly due date.