Canvas Camp

A One Day Canvas Extravaganza

Canvas Camp is a one day intensive Canvas training experience that can be attended in its entirety or as individual 50 minute sessions. The following sessions will be offered on January 23rd, 2018. Please RSVP if you are planning on coming to ANY sessions so we can be expecting you.

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Canvas First Look

First Look introduces participants to the Canvas environment, login procedure, and global navigation. Attendees will explore account setup, personal preferences, and communication tools, such as the Inbox and Calendar.

First Look is also available as a video training


Course Basics

Course Basics provides an overview of the layout and features included in a Canvas course. Users will learn about the Course Navigation Menu and individual components that can be used to deliver content and assess student performance. 

Course Basics is also available as a video training


Home Pages

Home Pages will guide participants through the creation of beautiful and functionally designed Home Pages that are intuitive for students. Participants will be provided with best practices for creating banners and buttons, using tables, inserting images and exploring other features. 



Assignments provides users with a detailed exploration of the Assignment tool in Canvas. Participants will create and manage Assignment groups as well as explore the many assignment options. Users will explore assignment settings, applications, and tools including the Roll-Call Attendance tool.



In this session participants will attempt to make a simple yet difficult decision on where/what to eat for lunch as well as whether to return after the lunch break for more Canvas training sessions.


Quiz Basics

Quiz Basics session will prepare instructors to use the quizzing tool in Canvas. Users will learn how to customize quiz settings and differentiate assessment windows to students. A variety of quiz question types will be explored, and participants will have the opportunity to view example quizzes and use cases.



Modules teaches users how create flow within a course by organizing and structuring content with the Modules tool. Instructors will explore how to create and manage content modules, leverage progress monitoring capabilities, and scaffold student access to course content.



Explore the interface of the Canvas gradebook from the instructor and student perspectives. Users will experience the power of the Speedgrader and the various ways it can be used to provide timely and detailed feedback for students while making the grading process more efficient and enjoyable.



Groups & Collaboration introduces teachers to collaboration features in Canvas, including discussions, group assignments and the Collaboration tool. Also, numerous Canvas tools facilitate student dialogue for content analysis. Two of the specific tools highlighted in this session are class Announcements and Discussions.