Institutional Effectiveness

Purpose Statement 

The office of Institutional Effectiveness at OBU exists to meet the needs of the institution by through promotion of a culture of assessment, support for the institution’s data needs, and monitoring of accreditation activities.


OBU's most recent Factbook has been published in the summer of 2017.  In it you can read a lot of the great things God is doing through the University.

Student Outcomes

Oklahoma Baptist University is pleased to report a 74% retention rate of first time-full time students (Fall 2013 cohort). This means that 74 of 100 students who were non-transfer students enrolled >12 credit hours in the Fall 13 semester returned as students at OBU in the Fall 14 semester. 82% of the entering student population were first-time full-time students in Fall 2013.

Overall, 52% of first-time full-time students who enrolled at OBU in 2009 graduated within 6 years (150% of the normal degree completion time). This means that just over half of students who began as non-transfer students in 2009 with a full-time course load completed their course of study within 6 years of start.

According to the 2015 NASBA report on the CPA exam, graduates of OBU had an 86.4% pass rate on the CPA exam, which the highest pass rate in Oklahoma by a significant margin. This compares to a 49.8% overall pass rate nationally and a 50.3% pass rate in the state of Oklahoma.

From the 2015 results from the Oklahoma Board of Nursing, 89.29% of first time candidates for the RN exam passed. This compares favorably to a national pass rate of 84.51% and an overall Oklahoma state pass rate of 85.70%.

As of October 2016, of the 15 graduates from the MS in Marriage and Family Therapy, 7 have applied for licensure and taken the Oklahoma state exam. 100% of those who have taken the exam have passed.

Additional information, which OBU annually reports to the National Center for Education Statistics as part of the Integrated Post-Secondary Education Data System may be found here. 

Information from the Common Data Set, which OBU reports annually to several organizations, including the Princeton Review, may be found here. (Note: Access to data may require establishing an account.)