Instructional Digital Media Production

OBU Online Education Production Options

The Academic Technology & Creative Communications department is pleased to offer the following online course video production options. We use a 3 tiered approach to course production to best serve the varying needs of the universityOur goal is to support OBU faculty in creating the best online education possible for our students. By providing you with the best production resources and staff, we hope to encourage you to be creative and purposeful in your online courses. We look forward to answering any questions you may have as well as creating high-quality, impactful, online video content for our students.

Tier 1 - Full Production “Film Style” 

  • Production Style: Multi-camera, on-location shoots with full lighting setup.
  • Post-Production: High-end editing including custom graphics, animation, photos and videos. This tier offers unlimited possibilities in post-production.
  • Best For: Courses that benefit from various locations, or creative presentations. This tier offers the ability to use ancillary elements to augment the teaching method.

Tier 2 – Medium Production “Lecture Style” 

  • Production Style: Single-camera studio or on campus location shoots.
  • Post-Production: Simple editing/graphics (i.e. integrating Presentation/PowerPoint)
  • Best For: Lecture heavy courses that primarily benefit from seeing the professor.


Tier 3 – Simple Production “Traditional Style”

  • Production Style: Self-run, single-camera production suite that requires minimal training.
  • Post-Production: Minimal editing/graphics (i.e. opening titles/name for each video)
  • Best For: Courses that predominantly require screen capture, handwriting, drawing or simple Presentation/PowerPoint with narration. 


Online Production Comparison Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Single Camera Shooting X X X
Multi-Camera Shooting X
PowerPoint Integration X X X
Studio Shooting X X X
On-Location Shooting X Campus Only
On-Screen Text X X
Custom Graphics/Animation X
Custom Editing X
Multiple People on Camera X X
Screen Capture Capable X X
Handwriting/Drawing Capture X X
Highest Quality Production X

OBU Online Course Production Timelines

Tier 1 - Full Production “Film Style”

  • Total Production Time: 12 Weeks
  • Max Number of Simultaneous Tier 1 Productions: 1
  • Things to Consider: Tier 1 course production availability will book quickly, begin planning as early as possible for this style of production. This is the top-of-the-line and therefore requires adequate planning and production time to achieve the highest quality possible.

Tier 2 – Medium Production “Lecture Style”

  • Total Production Time: 6 Weeks
  • Max Number of Simultaneous Tier 2 Productions: 4
  • Things to Consider: Tier 2 courses are faster to produce than Tier 1, while still maintaining a high-quality, visual-style course with good post production options.

Tier 3 – Simple Production “Traditional Style”

  • Total Production Time: 3 Weeks
  • Max Number of Simultaneous Tier 3 Productions: 12
  • Things to Consider: Tier 3 courses are the quickest and easiest to book and complete. This tier is best for courses that need whiteboarding, screen capture, or a narrated presentation.
Online Production Timelines Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Request for Course Production Business Day 1 Business Day 1 Business Day 1
Pre-Production & Scheduling Business Day 5 Business Day 5 Business Day 3
Videography / Shooting Begins Business Day 8 Business Day 7 Business Day 5
Post-Production / Editing Begins Business Day 30 Business Day 20 Business Day 10
Completed Videos Delivered Business Day 60 Business Day 30 Business Day 14
Total Production Time 12 Weeks* 6 Weeks* 3 Weeks*
*All timeline estimates are subject to availability

Time Distribution by Production Style

Tier Time Distribution Graphs


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