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Music Admission and Scholarship Application

This application should be completed by those students wishing to audition as music majors. This application will also be used for reference in music scholarship decisions. Each prospective music major, regardless of performance area, must audition for the Music faculty. Students may audition in multiple areas, though only one award will be offered. 

While most music scholarships are awarded to music majors, there are some awards for non-majors who audition into and participate with an ensemble. If interested in an ensemble award, please complete the ensemble auditions for non-majors form.

2023–2024 Audition Dates

Application and Audition Process

  1. Apply to OBU. While we will hear your audition at any time, we will not be able to admit you into music study or offer financial aid until you have applied and been accepted to the university.
  2. Submit the Music application below. This is the first step to scheduling an audition.
  3. Following your audition, you will receive by mail two notices. The first will communicate your readiness to pursue a degree in music from OBU. The second will detail information related to financial aid offered to you.