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The Herd


The Herd is a student worker position associated with the admissions office. We work 10 hours a week in the admissions office helping the counselors with anything and everything involved in the recruitment process. Our team helps with events such as Bison Days on campus and Priority Enrollment Day. We are also responsible for giving campus tours of the campus to prospective students.


Rachelle Helmbacher


The Herd assists in all Admissions Office recruitment events such as Bison Days and Priority Enrollment Day along with other various church and dinner events.

All members are required to spend six hours a week in the Admissions office writing letters, giving campus tours, or helping the Admissions staff with various tasks. Also, they are required to spend 4 hours a week in the evening calling prospective students. 

Membership Information

OBU students may apply to join The Herd after being a student on campus for one full semester. Applications are made available at the beginning and end of the fall semester with interviews to follow.