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Student Government Association

The Student Government Association at Oklahoma Baptist University desires to represent the voices of all students to administration while striving to lead campus in a healthy pursuit of Christ in all areas of life. Through the process of listening to concerns, writing legislation and hosting events, student government is a vital organization to our campus. We encourage you to reach out with any questions you may have!

To contact student government, please email or stop by our executive office in GC 111. Also, feel free to reach out to a member of the Executive Cabinet directly.

View the SGA Constitution

Noah DeMoss 

Vice President 
Avery Miller 

Chief of Staff 
Masey White 

Speaker of the Senate 
Max Petersen 

Attorney General  
Rachel Lopez  

Events Committee Chair  
Hannah DeMoss

Public Relations Committee Chair  
Emma Sampson

Students Concerns Committee Chair  
Amy Adesokan

Volunteer Action Committee Chair  
Grant Martin  

Senior Class President and Vice President 
Lily Huff
Caleb Dyer

Senior Senators 
Caleb Corff
Koal Manis
Maurice McMullen
Clara Thompson
JT Vongor

Junior Class President and Vice President  
Carsten Kates
Dakota Jones

Junior Senators
Peyton Bird
Anna Caughlin
Caleb Finch
Grace Morrison
Arielle Quartuccio

Sophomore Class President and Vice President 
Dillan Watkins
Micah Cash

Sophomore Senators 
Jaiden Balthrop
Nathan Chan
Clay Kelch
Alexis Ruiz
Trey White

Freshman Class President and Vice President 
Grace Gaither
Addison Beatty

Freshman Senators 
Madison Antwine
Grace Banks
Austin Hendricks
Elizabeth Patterson
Jake Saunders

Commuter Senator
Evie Griffin

Diversity Senator
Jaylin Burlin
Bria Evert

International Senators
Jane Ellen Mann
Miklos SzaboPeredo

Senators at Large 
Robert Dobbins
Haftom Foutz
Faira Dempsey
Darra Lamar
Emma Lang
Devon Mack

Transfer Senator
Ana Oelenberger

Sponsor: Melissa Stroud