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International Student Association

International Student Association (ISA) exists to help international students become involved in campus life at Oklahoma Baptist University. ISA encourages interaction with other international students and promotes partnership with American students.


President: Nick Dingus 
Vice President: Jeremy Kong
Sponsor: Dr. Jessica Rohr



International Student Association sponsors the International Retreat, which is an opportunity for international students, new and current, to meet one another and fellowship. The goal is to spur camaraderie between nationalities, help all feel welcome at OBU and to instill a sense of pride in the fact that all those present represent International diversity.

ISA also hosts an International Christmas Banquet, held each December. The event features international students' traditional games, music, cultures and foods. In an effort to celebrate the diversity present on OBU's campus, students bring food from their native countries, display their talents in traditional song or dance and invite American students, faculty and staff that have made a special investment in their lives.

In addition to the International Retreat and the International Christmas Banquet, ISA hosts a Geography Fair. During this week, international student representatives from varying countries share their native cultures with the OBU community through presentations in conjunction with a local home school family.

Membership Information

Membership is open to all OBU students with international heritage, have lived in foreign countries, or are interested in being in ISA.