LifeLong Learning Policy for OBU Graduates

Oklahoma Baptist University provides an educational benefit for the University's bachelor's degree graduates. The OBU LifeLong Learning program covers tuition for undergraduate courses taught at the Shawnee campus. Each OBU graduate participating in the program will pay all fees associated with enrollment.

Effective April 13, 2010, the following policies will direct the LifeLong Learning program at Oklahoma Baptist University:

  • Any student who has completed a bachelor's degree from Oklahoma Baptist University is eligible to apply and participate in the LifeLong Learning program.
  • Alumni who wish to participate in the LifeLong Learning program must wait two years post-graduation to participate in the program.
  • Each LifeLong Learning student may enroll in a maximum of five hours per semester. LifeLong Learning students who register in courses totaling more than five semester hours in any regular fall or spring semester will be considered second-degree students and assessed appropriate tuition and fees for all courses taken during the term.
  • Alumni who desire admission into the LifeLong Learning program must satisfactorily complete a LifeLong Learning application. LifeLong Learning students must complete an application at the beginning of every semester in which they desire to enroll in any OBU classes.
  • Enrollment in a course is contingent upon available seating on the first day of class. LifeLong Learning students may register for the desired class(es) no earlier than the first day of the semester and no later than the last day to add or change classes, as identified on the academic calendar for that term.
  • Eligible courses for enrollment in the LifeLong Learning program are limited to undergraduate, on-campus courses in the regular fall or spring semesters. Summer term, January term, online, and graduate-level courses are excluded from the program. Nursing and Teacher Education degree programs, as well as courses related to these disciplines, are not eligible for enrollment through the LifeLong Learning program.
  • Students who qualify for the LifeLong Learning program must declare their enrollment status prior to registration each semester. Students may not change status from second-degree/part-time to LifeLong Learning after declaration and registration in a course. A student may not register simultaneously as a LifeLong Learning student and as a part-time or second-degree student.
  • LifeLong Learning students may take courses for audit, pass/fail, or letter grade. If the program participant wishes the course credit to apply toward a second degree, the course must be taken for credit with the letter-grade option. Once the course has begun, if the program participant has declared the audit or pass/fail option, the status may not be changed to letter grade once the date for adding or changing classes has passed.
  • LifeLong Learning students will be assessed a LifeLong Learning fee to support and provide academic-related services typically associated with a course of study at a university, such as library services, technology services, parking, etc.
  • LifeLong Learning students will be assessed all fees associated with specific courses (e.g., art, lab, etc.).
  • LifeLong Learning students are ineligible to participate in student life services and programs or student employment opportunities. LifeLong Learning fees do not permit participation in or access to student life services and programs or to student employment opportunities.
  • LifeLong Learning students may purchase alumni memberships for OBU's Recreation and Wellness Center.
  • Enrollment caps for class size or cohort groups may not be increased to accommodate LifeLong Learning students. Minimum class sizes will not count LifeLong Learning students toward the required number of students.
  • LifeLong Learning students are ineligible for OBU institutional financial aid.

Students applying for the LifeLong Learning program must be in good standing with the University.

Students admitted into the LifeLong Learning program during the 2009-2010 academic year are allowed to continue under the guidelines in which they were initially admitted into the program if they continue to enroll in the program for consecutive semesters. LifeLong Learning students admitted in the 2009-2010 academic year who do not enroll in consecutive semesters will be governed by the updated LifeLong Learning policies.

Apply below, or, download the LifeLong Learning application.

Please note: The OBU LifeLong Learning program will not be accepting new students for the Spring 2020 semester. Currently enrolled students in the LifeLong Learning program will be able to continue tuition-free through the end of the Spring 2020 semester. OBU is ending the tuition-free LifeLong Learning program for the foreseeable future.

For further information, please contact the LifeLong Learning program coordinator, Teri Walker by e-mail at or by phone: (405) 585-5102.