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Climbing Club


We are a community of climbers that trains together with intent to grow better and stronger in our sport as we prepare for competition. We have a competitive team in addition to our Climbing family!


The Climbing Team has attended many competitions both locally and out of state in past years, and we plan to compete in several competitions this academic year. The Climbing Team hosts several events throughout each semester, including some closed team events and some climbing wall events open to all. Closed team events include team practices, lead climb nights, and competitions. Climbing events open to all include climbing interest nights, girls only nights, climbers’ yoga classes, and trips to climbing gyms or outdoors.


This is a competitive OBU Club Sport. Members of the OBU Climbing Team are expected to attend practices, train for competition, and compete.
• Members must attend team practices.
• Members must complete workouts & turn in time sheets.
• Members must make every effort to compete.
• Members must pay a $40 fee/semester.



If you can’t attend a practice, you must let a captain know & provide a valid reason.

Workouts & Time Sheets

Failure to turn in 3+ time sheets results in not being allowed to compete in the next comp. Failure to turn in 6+ time sheets results in loss of team membership.


Failure to show up to a comp you committed to & has already been paid for results in not being allowed to compete in the next comp.


During Welcome Week we will have a booth at "Un Cuerpo," where you can visit with team members and find out dates the team has set for Open Gyms and Tryouts.




All clubs are student led and comprised of two Co-Chairs voted on by the team. Scholarship opportunities may be available for Leadership positions!

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If you are interested in learning more about our club, please feel free to contact us at:

Climbing Goals

What: Train together as a team with intent to grow stronger as climbers, preparing for competition.

How: Weekly/biweekly team practices, individual workouts (Time sheets), lead climb nights, climbers’ yoga classes, indoor/outdoor climbing trips, climbing competitions, community.

When: Weekly/biweekly practices 2-4pm on Sundays, LCN’s twice/month, climbers’ yoga once/month, trips & comps TBD (a few/semester).

Where: Earth. (OBU, Threshold, OSU, inside, outside, OK, AR, on Raley, etc.)

Why: Because rocks exist.