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Learning Communities Experience

"In the spring of 2011, I was a frantic senior in desperate need of guidance for my future. I knew that I wanted to go to college at OBU, but I didn't know what the Lord wanted me to do. When coming to OBU for Super Enrolment Day I was nervous, scared, intimidated, and not looking forward to leaving all my friends from home when I left for college. I did not think that I was going to be able to make friends or do well in school, because I knew the curriculum was going to be tough and making friends is not always easy. However, Super Enrolment Day changed this mind set after hearing about Learning Communities and learning what they are all about from people that have been involved in this program. Monica Mullins was the woman who was promoting Learning Communities when I listened to her in a session. She shared how involved the professors in these Communities are and the relationships I could build with peers because we would be sharing multiple classes together. Both these things I found to be true, far beyond what I had ever imagined.

In the fall of 2011, when I began my journey as a college student it was tough, but being in a Learning Community got me though it. The professors that were involved were so encouraging and helpful not only in my schoolwork but even in my personal life. They took the time to invest and pour into my life on a personal level that I had not at all expected. I also made my best friends within my community, who remain my best friends. I could not imagine now what I would have done my first semester in college if it was not for the overwhelming love and encouragement I found by joining a Learning Community."

Katy Wells, freshman

Children's Ministry Major

"Dear Freshman Class of 2012: Please advantage of this wonderful opportunity that is the Learning Communities. As a senior, I wish I would have been able to partake in a LC as well as a Success 101 class. As a peer leader, I saw the LC I was a part of foster so many friendships and collaboration with classes. I saw this across the board in other LCs as well. I became a peer leader in order to help incoming freshmen in any way possible. In college, I feel like sometimes it is a joint effort to get through a hard day, week, month, or academic year, and the Learning Communities give the student a chance to develop relationships that will be a part of that joint effort. The relationships are not limited to peers either. Faculty are eager to help, and by being a peer leader I felt as if I was able to be the bridge between the new student and the faculty at times. Sometimes the hardest thing is to initiate that relationship with faculty when you are a freshman, but Learning Communities make it much easier."

Abbey Basler, senior

Exercise and Sports Science, Pre-Allied Health Major