Fitness Trainers

Fitness Training Pricing

  • Fitness Training 1-hour Session $35.00 ($45.00 for non-members)
  • Group Fitness Training 1-hour Session, per client $25.00
  • Individual Training Package - 3 sessions $100.00
  • Individual Training Package - 5 sessions $160.00
  • Individual Training Package - 10 sessions $310.00
  • Group Training Package - 3 sessions, per client $70.00
  • Group Training Package - 5 sessions, per client $110.00
  • Group Training Package - 10 sessions, per client $210.00 

Nancy Norvell:

Nancy has been nationally certified as a water fitness instructor and coordinator of water fitness program for over the past 22 years. Nany also holds a master Level Aquatics Fitness Certification as an Instructor, Instructor Trainer, and Personal Trainer through USWFA. She employs a holistic approach in teaching her water and land conditioning classes that will help the individual progress steadily and efficiently. Humor and fun are also an integral part of her classes. Outside of teaching commitments, her main activities are dog rescue and work with OKC-CADP. 

Paul Brown:

With 35 years of experience in the fitness field, Paul has been a certified personal trainer for 15 years. Paul’s philosophy centers on fitness being a lifestyle change and not a quick fix. He has worked with client’s ages 12 to 80. He holds a degree in Accounting from OBU and is currently working on his Personal Training degree from OBU. Paul has also taught adjunct classes at St. Gregory’s University. Paul enjoys working with people to help attain and maintain their health goals. Paul will design programs to meet your individual need and limitations (if any). Fitness is not about perfection, it is about progression.