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Fitness Incentive Programs

Get Fit

The Get Fit Program is a cross-training incentive program that rewards participants with prizes for the number of times an individual exercises throughout the year. Awards are given after 20 or 40 workouts are completed and recorded throughout the semester.

In addition to proper nutrition and effective stress relief, exercise is a significant component of a healthy lifestyle. Regular, consistent workouts offer health benefits, including preventing certain diseasesreducing anxiety, depression, and negative mood, and improving self-esteem and cognitive function. It enhances energy, strengthens bones and muscles, increases bodily function and coordination, and increases cardiovascular endurance and stamina.


You may receive credit for doing any of the following activities:

The Get Fit Program is offered twice during the school year

Get Fit Rules

Double Point Days


Successful completion of 20 or 40 cross-training workouts entitles participants to prizes. Recipients will be notified when prizes may be picked up and are encouraged to attend a brief photo opportunity.

Group Fitness Challenge

Get to know all the great fitness classes offered at the RAWC. This is a program offered over the month of January designed to help students try an array of group fitness classes on campus.

Group Fitness Schedule

How It Works

  1. Record eight group fitness classes throughout the month of January
    1. 4 in the morning
    2. 4 in the afternoon/evening
  2. Just asterisk your name on each sign-in sheet
Those who complete the program will receive a Group Fitness Challenge T-Shirt.