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Packing List

We can’t wait to see you on Bison Hill! Here are just a few ideas to start your packing list:

  • Bedding (mattress pad, pillow, sheets, comforter, blankets)
  • Shower and hygiene essentials (don’t forget towels and a shower caddy!)
  • Small first aid kit with basic medical essentials (don’t forget any prescription medications)
  • School and study supplies (yes, you will have to go to class!) This should include anything you need for your computer. We recommend a surge protector.
  • Basic snacks and any comfort foods you want to keep in your room. Don’t forget a water bottle and basic cups, plates, bowls. Oh and coffee…
  • Laundry hamper, detergent and hangers. You don’t need coins for our laundry!
  • Basic cleaning supplies like dish detergent, Lysol wipes. The common spaces are cleaned regularly but yes, you should do your dishes…
  • Storage, organization and decorative items will help your space feel comfy and more like home sooner!
  • Don’t forget your headphones and phone charger.
  • Last but not least, don’t forget your ID, debit/credit card, OBU ID and any other personal documentation needed.

Some things to leave at home…

  • Duct tape and nails. You don’t want to get charged for any wall repairs!
  • Microwave and toaster. We provide these in the common areas.
  • Crockpot, Instantpot, blender. These things can be used in the common areas but not in your room.
  • Cinder blocks for lifting your bed. You can use actual bed risers that are sold for that purpose.
  • Your pet. No animals are allowed to live on campus other than those approved as Service or Support Animals.
  • Alcohol, drugs, firearms, fireworks, etc are all prohibited on campus at all times and in all locations.

Note: You can bring your own furniture but all OBU furniture must stay in the room so please plan accordingly.