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Housing FAQs

Are residential students required to have a meal plan?

Yes, all residential students will be assigned a meal plan. Please select which meal plan you would like via your Student Housing Portal. View your meal plan options.

Where can I get a parking permit?

Parking permits can be picked up anytime at the University Police Department but all permits will require prior registration. Register your vehicles and bicycles now and get a head start!

What items are prohibited in the rooms?

Candles, microwaves, and toasters are prohibited in the rooms. Coffee pots, heated hair tools, and heating pads are permitted. Cinder blocks for lofting beds are prohibited. Instantpots, blenders and other small appliances are acceptable as long as they are used and stored in the common kitchenettes and kitchen areas. Mini-fridges are permitted but must not exceed 5 cu. feet. 

What animals are permitted in university housing?

Fish are permitted in student housing. These are the only pets permitted on campus. Assistance animals must be approved through the Office of Disablilty Services prior to arriving on campus. 

How much is a single room?

We have select and limited spaces for single room spaces. You can see these rates on our housing rates page.

Can visitors come to my room on days other than visitation days?

Women can enter female ResHall rooms and apartments and men can enter male ResHall rooms and apartments on non-visitation days. All visitors must check-in at the front desk of each ResHall. Visitation hours for opposite gender visitors is posted in each ResHall. 

Are the beds extra long or regular?

Beds in Agee, the Lodge, and all Village apartments are XL Twin. All other beds are regular Twin.