Spotlight On Shawnee

Location: University Drive (OBU Oval)
When: August 22, 2019, 7 - 8:30 p.m. 
Registration Cost: Free 

Join us in welcoming new and returning students to campus and to our Shawnee community. We would love for you to participate! You are welcome to provide a tent, additional tables and seating. This is a completely free event with the goal of advertising your church, business, organization or Christian ministry to our students. This is not an event open to sales the night of the event.

Last year more than 100 businesses, churches and organizations participated. This annual event is held as part of our Welcome Week. We would love to reserve a space for you!

Door Prizes for Students
Door prizes are a huge hit every year! If you provide a door prize (prizes) for students, your business/church/or organization name, the prize, and the winner will be announced over the loudspeaker. Please remember to review/complete the door prize form when you check in upon arrival at the registration table. Once we draw the name and announce the winner we will send the student back to your table with the door prize form to collect the prize.

Note: Your generosity is so appreciated! However, we found it difficult last year to get all of the prizes given away before some of the businesses left. We ask you to limit your door prizes (those items donated to be given away by OBU staff to students as names are drawn) to no more than 5. This should help us get through the list in a timely manner and give the students the opportunity to claim their prizes at the vendor tables. That said, we would request that the vendors not exit prior to the event ending time.


Is the event open to all types of vendors?
In keeping within the guidelines of the University, businesses promoting alcohol, tobacco, vaping or CBD products or organizations promoting specific political candidates will not be approved.

Where is it?
Held at Oklahoma Baptist University on the oval located off of University Drive.

When and where will I set up?
Set up will be between 5:30 and 6:30 pm. You will be assigned a table number and be notified of its location prior to the day of the event. You will be able to unload your items on the Oval and then move your vehicle to a parking lot.

Where do I park?
Please use the parking lot in front of the Noble Complex on University Drive, the parking lots behind Bailey Business Center, Montgomery Hall or the MacArthur lot.

What about electrical outlet access?
If you need your table close to electricity, let us know. Be sure to bring your own power cord. Power cords will NOT be provided. We will do our best, but this will be in limited supply.

Do I need to provide my own table?
OBU will provide a table, if needed. However, it has been our experience that some vendors do not require a table and others prefer to bring their own. Please reply "yes" on the form if you need a table provided. Please note, due to a limited supply, if you indicate that you do not need a table provided, one will not be provided the night of the event.

Where do I check in?
Come to the registration table located in the middle of the OBU Oval to let us know you have arrived. Be sure to review your door prize drawing information, as applicable.

Who’s coming?
Conservatively estimating, we should have at least 1,000 students attend. In addition, businesses, churches and organizations will have exposure to our faculty, staff, and administration as well.

Can I give stuff away?
College students LOVE free stuff! We encourage you to give out coupons to your place of business, freebies with your business logo on them, information fliers, back to school items, snacks, etc.

Can I bring food to give away?

I have questions. Whom should I contact?
Feel free to call 585-5262 or send an email to if you need more information.