At OBU, we believe that art is a powerful way to connect and communicate. We foster a community where knowledge is shared, and skills are honed, enabling you to shape the future through your God-given creativity. Embracing your gifts in visual art, refining your skills in a chosen medium, and exploring your calling as a creative artist will lead you to find purpose and meaning in your journey. This exciting time in your life allows you to envision the impact your art can have on others, making a profound and positive difference in the world.

Joshua Brunet

associate professor of art

“Not only am I a professor at OBU, I’m a working illustrator. I have an agent in New York and I work for companies all over the United those experiences directly come from what I am doing in the professional world and go right to the classroom so I can teach students how to work and how to prepare as they move on.”

Benefits of OBU Art Program


Faculty Mentors

OBU faculty members are not only your teachers and academic advisors but also are deeply committed to your achievements and growth. Your art classes will be in our newly renovated and remodeled facilities and you will be working with state-of-the-art equipment to enhance your learning experience. Our faculty members are practicing Christians, wholeheartedly dedicated to their faith, actively involved in local churches, and passionate about their disciplines, including graphic design and illustration.

Incredible Education, Affordable Cost.

OBU provides a minimum $10,000 per year scholarship to every incoming first-time freshman and $8,000 to every incoming transfer student. And you could qualify for even more financial aid! Many of our students also receive money through federal Pell grants and OBU Bison Grants.

To get an estimate of what your cost to attend OBU might be, please check out our Net Price Calculator. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how affordable an OBU education really is. Especially considering the incredible academic quality, personal mentor relationships with faculty and staff, and strong Christian commitment you will experience at OBU. You won’t find an experience like this anywhere else!

Program Information

Well-Equipped Labs

OBU has labs in three different buildings.

  • Art Building Mac Lab
  • Ford Hall Lab (specifically for students to work; classes are not held there)
  • Sarkeys (two Mac Labs)

All labs are equipped with iMacs and Adobe Creative Cloud.

Students are not required to own their own laptops, but some may choose to for convenience.

Internship Opportunities

You will have the opportunity to participate in internships for class credit. Even though an internship is not required for the degree, it is highly encouraged. Students have done internships with churches and local non-profits, as well as with larger companies such as Legacy Bank and the OKC Thunder. Faculty assist students seeking internships with portfolio and resume preparation.

Student Organizations

We regularly host trips and events for art students—past events have included trips to the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, movie nights, and paint nights on campus.

Job Opportunities and Outcomes

From our degrees, students go on to work for churches, marketing and advertising firms, as well as for galleries and museums. Some become teachers at the high school or college level, while others work in private studios. Our students and alumni have won numerous awards from the American Advertising Federation, in both the student and professional categories.

Faith Integration

As Christians, we believe we are made in the image of God. For the artist, as a created being, we are called also to create. As such, the pursuit of creativity and the formation of beautiful works of art is integral to the practice of our faith as Christians and as artists. We encourage our students to pursue their God-given talent and continue to refine their skills. The stewardship of talent is an act of worship to our Creator.

Program Distinctives

As an art student, you will have the opportunity to participate in our biennial trip to New York City for a study tour. While there, we visit museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art. We also visit with practicing artists and designers. These experiences give you a broader vision and understanding of the art world.

Program Options

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

World-Class Faculty

OBU faculty are experts in their fields and will be with you every step of the way.

Corey Fuller

Chair, Division of Art and Design
Ruth Jay Odom Professor of Fine Arts
Professor of Graphic Design

Joshua S. Brunet

Associate Professor of Art

Become a Future Shaper