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Scholarships for Transfer Students

Transfer Student Academic Scholarships

OBU offers the following scholarships for transfer students.

Deans Transfer Academic Scholarships

Scholarship Award Levels
Academic Award GPA GPA required for renewal
$8,000 Transfer Academic 2.49 and below 2.00
$10,000 Transfer Academic 2.50–2.99 2.00
$11,000 Transfer Academic 3.00–3.59 2.00
$12,000 Transfer Academic 3.60 and above 2.00

Phi Theta Kappa Scholarships: $1,000 per year

The PTK Scholarships are for transfer students who are members of Phi Theta Kappa. (3.0 GPA required for renewal)

OBU Bison Grants or OBU Endowed Scholarship: $2,000 +

Need-based grants awarded based on unmet demonstrated need and other financial aid student is receiving. All students automatically qualify for $2,000. File your FAFSA to find out if you qualify for even more!

Bison Pact Scholarship

Do you qualify for Oklahoma’s Promise? If so, you can qualify for the Bison Pact, which will cover tuition and general fees once other scholarships and aid are applied.

Bison Pact Scholarship Information

Out-Of-State Scholarship: $2,000

To help offset the lack of state grant funding for our out-of-state students, all non-resident students qualify for an automatic $2,000. 

Multicultural Scholarship: $1,000

The multicultural scholarship recognizes underrepresented undergraduate students. Apply for admission to find out if you're eligible! 

Bison Bound: Amounts Vary

Incoming students who complete an official campus visit through Admissions will receive $1,000 for visiting prior to our priority deadline and $500 for any visit after the deadline. The priority deadline for the 2024-2025 class is February 4, 2023. 

Air Force ROTC Dorm Room Scholarship

This scholarship is for recipients of Air Force ROTC Type I or Type II Scholarships who are active in OBU's cross-town ROTC program at OU. Scholarship covers OBU room charges (does not apply to private room charges). Present documentation of ROTC participation to your Student Financial Services counselor in order to receive the scholarship.

If you have questions, please contact your Transfer Admissions Counselor at

* Scholarships listed are applicable for traditional undergraduate students entering OBU for the first time during the 2024-2025 academic year. Students must enroll full-time to qualify. Some scholarships may not be applicable for student athletes, full-tuition scholarship recipients, or students currently receiving the employee education benefit. Fully online students are not eligible.