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Progression Criteria

Once a student has been admitted to the College of Nursing, the following progression criteria must be met to remain in the program:

  1. Student must achieve at least a C in all the following courses: CHEM 1124, BIOL 2354, SOCI 1223, BIOL 2274, BIOL 2364, MATH 1163, PSYC 1223, MATH 2003, NURS 1101, NURS 2013, NURS 2213 and all nursing Area of Concentration courses.
  2. A student cannot repeat more than two courses. If a student must repeat more than 2 of these courses at any institution to achieve a C, he/she will not be able to continue working toward a Bachelor of Science in Nursing at OBU. A student may repeat any one course only once.
  3. Achieve a 95% score on a Mathematics Dosage Calculation Exam each semester.
  4. Achieve a minimum average of 70% on exams in all nursing courses except NURS 1101.
  5. Maintain current CPR, TB, drug screen, background check, and all required immunizations and any other clinical requirements requested by the clinical agencies.