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OBU Educational Goals

A graduate from OBU will:

  1. Demonstrate proficiency in an academic or professional discipline in a liberal arts context and engage in the process of academic discovery as a life-long learner.
  2. Think critically and creatively about complex problems in order to develop, communicate, implement and evaluate innovative solutions.
  3. Integrate Christian faith and worldview in broad and discipline-specific contexts in a diverse world by analyzing, evaluating, and engaging in issues of local, regional, national, and global importance.

BSN Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the BSN program, the student will:

  1. Apply clinical judgment/reasoning to diverse populations, providing safe, quality, health-focused care based on current evidence.
  2. Work in collaboration with individuals, families, communities, and professional colleagues as a provider and leader in health care delivery.
  3. Exercise stewardship in the management of fiscal and human resources, engagement in civic and regulatory processes, and competence in management of information and technology.
  4. Integrate faith consistent with a Christian worldview into professional practice, demonstrating ethical integrity, accountability, and a commitment to respect and compassion for all.
  5. Demonstrate commitment to life-long learning and professional growth.