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Faith Community Nursing

The School of Nursing offers a Bachelor of Science degree which combines professional education in theory and practice of nursing with a basic liberal arts education. A minor is offered in Faith Community Nursing. This minor allows students to integrate their faith and profession by focusing on health promotion, disease prevention and holistic health/healing with a Faith Community as the population of interest.

Program Requirements

In addition to the area of concentration in nursing, the following courses are required:

NURS 4403 - Faith Community Nursing, Credits: 3
NURS 4803 - Practicum: Faith Community Nursing, Credits: 3
PSYC 3333 - Psychology of Religion (CCCM 3333), Credits: 3
REL 3413 - Christian Doctrines, Credits: 3
SOCI 2103 - Social Problems, Credits: 3
SOCI 3303 - Aging and Death, Credits: 3
or FMLY 3513 - Marriage and Family, Credits: 3

Total Nursing Hours Credits: 18 Hours