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Creative Media

Begin your journey into the realm of creative media where you will gain hands-on training and real-world experiences. A degree in creative media provides instruction in the basics of art and design, studio art, multimedia production, filmmaking, photography and graphic design. Through our faith-centered and collaborative learning environment, you will be given the ability to develop your creative passions and make an impact in the world around you.

Benjamin Baxter

Chair, Division of Communication Arts

“Creative professionals today are not focused on just one discipline. They are responsible for performing many jobs across various artistic areas. Having a degree in creative media will give you the skills to work effectively in many different areas of media and design.”

Benefits of the OBU Creative Media Program

Quality Training

A creative media degree from OBU ensures you will be trained with the skills needed to thrive in this competitive and fast-paced industry. This extensive degree incorporates many facets of creative disciplines and provides you with a deeper insight into careers in art, film and design. As a student, you will be given the opportunity to produce high-quality work using industry standard equipment and software that is utilized by professionals in creative careers.

Experienced Faculty

Our highly-trained faculty bring years of experience into our studios and labs, many of whom remain active in the professional realm and continue to grow in their passion for creative storytelling. This means you will gain skills and knowledge from those who are staying abreast of the trends and changes that are shaping the world of creative media today.

Collaborative Academic Approach

OBU’s creative media degree offers a wide array of courses that provide an enriched and collaborative approach to learning. You will gain a fundamental understanding of art and design through classes such as drawing, studio art, graphic design, typography, illustration and more. The program also provides training in film and media, photography, editing, audio and other related courses. Our professors possess a diverse set of skills, allowing you to obtain experience in many areas of specialty and gain a broad knowledge of the field.

Incredible Education, Affordable Cost.

OBU provides a minimum $10,000 per year scholarship to every incoming first-time freshman and $8,000 to every incoming transfer student. And you could qualify for even more financial aid! Many of our students also receive money through federal Pell grants and OBU Bison Grants.

To get an estimate of what your cost to attend OBU might be, please check out our Net Price Calculator. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how affordable an OBU education really is. Especially considering the incredible academic quality, personal mentor relationships with faculty and staff, and strong Christian commitment you will experience at OBU. You won’t find an experience like this anywhere else!

Program Information

Internship Opportunities

As you continue on your academic journey and excel in your experience, you can foster relationships outside the classroom, and have opportunities for internships at agencies and companies in the region. These internships prepare you for the job market and allow you to gain the skills and confidence needed to be successful in a creative career. Students have enjoyed internships at companies such as KOCO-TV, Lampstand Story Company, 99.5FM and 98.5FM radio stations, Insight Creative Group and more.

Labs and Equipment

To expand your hands-on training experiences, you will have access to computer labs utilizing Adobe Creative Cloud, a large studio space to strengthen your video and photography skills, and two audio suites for recording. Creative Media students also have access to cameras, audio equipment and other production equipment to utilize in the field.

Small Class Size

Our small class sizes provide you with the opportunity for personalized instruction. Your professors know you personally and want to help you achieve your individual goals. This type of learning environment provides the perfect setting to foster relationships with your classmates and professors that will last long after you leave Bison Hill.

Faith Integration

OBU’s emphasis on faith and learning is clearly expressed in programs such as creative media. The recognition of God as Creator and originator of beauty, creativity, design and artistic expression adds depth and meaning to your educational experience. You are not only given the opportunity to express your unique creativity, but are also able to glorify God through all you create.

Program Options

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

World-Class Faculty

OBU faculty are experts in their fields and will be with you every step of the way.

Benjamin Baxter

Benjamin Baxter

Chair, Division of Art and Design
Chair, Division of Communication Arts
Associate Professor of Animation and Media Production

Joshua S. Brunet

Joshua S. Brunet

Associate Professor of Art

Holly Easttom

Holly Easttom

Assistant Professor of Journalism

Corey Fuller

Corey Fuller

Ruth Jay Odom Professor of Fine Arts
Professor of Graphic Design

Dr. Gary Rhodes

Dr. Gary Rhodes

Professor of Media Production