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Fire Reports

This fire report was developed from information reported by students and University personnel. It represents the most accurate information available for the Oklahoma Baptist University campus.

2022 Fire Alarm Statistics
Date Incident Location Cause
01/26/2022 Fire Alarm ARC 401 Vape/No Fire
02/8/2022 Fire Alarm WMU 1st Fl Kitchen Burnt Food/No Fire
02/13/2022 Fire Alarm Lodge E. 1st Fl Kitchen Unfounded/No Fire
03/07/2022 Fire Alarm ARC 4th Fl Pull Station Accidental/No Fire
03/07/2022 Fire Alarm WMU 1st Fl Laundry Unfounded/No Fire
03/23/2022 Fire Alarm GC Cafe Grill Smoke/No Fire
03/29/2022 Fire Alarm Sarkeys Sprinkler Sys Pressure Issue/No Fire
04/24/2022 Fire Alarm Kerr Rm 214, 329, 321 Faulty Sensors/No Fire
05/06/2022 Fire Alarm Lodge 212 Aerosol Spray/No Fire
06/11/2022 Fire Alarm GC Event Area Unfounded/No Fire
08/25/2022 Fire Alarm WUA Bldg 3 Unfounded/No Fire
09/23/2022 Fire Alarm Lodge Corridor 1036 Aerosol Spray/No Fire
10/24/2022 Fire Alarm ARC 1st Fl Baxter PR Pull Station/No Fire
11/02/2022 Fire Alarm WMU 1st Fl Kitchen Burnt Food/No Fire
11/17/2022 Fire Alarm Sarkeys Construction Dust/No Fire
11/19/2022 Fire Alarm Sarkeys Unfounded/No Fire
12/24/2022 Fire Alarm Village 110, Apt 1035 Frozen Fire Sprinkler System/Line Broke/No Fire
2022 Fire Statistics
Location Number of Fires
Agee Residence Center 0
Taylor Residence Center 0
Kerr Residence Center 0
West University Apts. 0
Howard Residence Center 0
Howard Apts. 0
Burns Apts. 0
Cobbs Apts. 0
Devereaux East Apts. 0
Devereaux West Apts. 0
Village Apts. Building 100 0
Village Apts. Building 102 0
Village Apts. Building 104 0
Village Apts. Building 108 0
Village Apts. Building 110 0
Residences 1-45 0