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BA to MDiv

Gain the experience and depth of a university bachelor’s degree while progressing towards an M.Div. at one of our Baptist seminaries, saving OBU students time and money.

Hobbs School at Oklahoma Baptist University partners with select seminaries to provide advanced tracks from OBU Bachelor’s degrees to a Master of Divinity degree. Students can earn up to 25% of their MDiv degree through their Bachelor’s degrees at OBU, which equals up to 27 hours or one year of MDiv work.

Students who complete a BA in Biblical & Theological Studies, BA in Christian Ministry, BA in Cross-Cultural Ministry, or a BA in Global Marketplace Engagement degree from OBU will have advanced standing for MDiv degrees from the six Southern Baptist seminaries, as well as other leading seminaries in the US. BA degrees in Philosophy or Philosophy/Apologetics will have classes counted towards their MDiv as well in this partnership.

We are grateful to work with respected theological institutions that share OBU’s values of theological education that is biblically grounded, orthodox in its theology, and practical in ministry training. This means that students can begin to plan their theological education in their first semester at OBU towards their M.Div. at our Baptist seminaries. Each partnership is unique, and so students will want to consult with their OBU advisor in Hobbs School to help determine which partnership best fits their ministry goals. For details, click the links below: