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We are future shapers.

Who do we look to, to shape our world?

Tomorrow’s difference makers will understand they are part of something bigger.

And you’ll find them at OBU.

Lt. Carrie Farris

Discover the inspiring journey of Lt. Carrie Farris from a small-town girl in Hooker, OK, to leading the Controlled Substances Unit at the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

Watch Lt. Farris’ Story

Emily Day

Emily's journey is a testament to the power of mentorship, faith, and academic excellence.

Watch Emily’s Story

Brock Brown

Brock Brown plans to pursue his calling with a Master of Divinity degree.

Read Brock’s Story

Tyler Smothers

This future shaper inspires students to use their lives to “go and do a small good thing in the world.”

Watch Tyler’s Story

Mackenzie Knox

This senior discovers a greater calling during her time on Bison Hill.

Read Mackenzie’s Story

Carsten Kates

With his education and experience at OBU, this future shaper is prepared for what's next.

Read Carsten’s Story

Joy Carl

This future shaper enriches the OBU campus and engages a diverse world.

Read Joy’s Story

Audrey Branham

This future shaper pursues academic and personal excellence through nursing.

Watch Audrey’s Story

Reinaldo Figueroa

Music leads to a lesson of grace for this OBU student.

Read Reinaldo’s Story

Katie Logan

This alumna is committed to being who God called her to be.

Read Katie’s Story

Braelyn Ross

This future shaper discovered her passion through graphic design.

Read Braelyn’s Story

Lia Hillman

A love of sharing helps this OBU alumna shape the future of others.

Read Lia’s Story

Jessica Smith

Mathematics alumna Jessica Smith found her experiences at OBU the perfect "formula" for success.

Read Jessica’s Story

Professor Joshua Brunet

Professor Brunet inspires students to see God in all disciplines of art.

Watch Prof. Brunet’s Story

Chinonso Alinnor

OBU alumni Chinonso Allinor finds nursing a way to live out the word of God by caring for people.

Read Chinonso’s Story

Dr. Meredith Bailey

Dr. Bailey loves engaging with students and integrating faith into her role of teaching.

Watch Dr. Bailey’s Story

Kelsey Doughty

Accounting alumna Kelsey Doughty sees how her faith can be carried out in the professional world by serving others.

Read Kelsey’s Story

Dr. David Gambo

Dr. Gambo is passionate about students understanding that at the heart of ministry is loving Jesus.

Watch Dr. Gambo’s Story

Olivianna Calmes

As a broadcast journalist, alumna Olivianna Calmes is a storyteller who seeks to love people and give them a voice.

Read Olivianna’s Story

Arielle Quartuccio

This future shaper followed God’s path leading her to Bison Hill.

Read Arielle’s Story

Ryan Fisher

Providing sports and recreation programs for local families and youth, this future shaper makes a difference in his community.

Read Ryan’s Story

Seth Wright

Through his love of music and performance, this alumnus crafts the musical sounds of films, video games and more.

Read Seth’s Story

Lucas Adams

The journey of one alumnus from OBU, to an elite graduate program, to the front lines of research on the hunt for a COVID–19 vaccine.

Read Lucas’ Story

Gage Bullard

Through the study of mathematics at OBU, see the beauty and structure of God’s design through the universal language of numbers.

Watch Gage’s Story

J.T. Vongor

Both in the classroom and on the field, this OBU student makes a profound difference in the lives of others.

Watch J.T.’s Story

Gavin Yoesting

How the power of family and inspiration transformed one OBU student’s academic and career path.

Read Gavin’s Story