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Kelsey Doughty

Kelsey Doughty

Kelsey Doughty is a future shaper.

When Kelsey Doughty was offered an opportunity for a summer accounting internship with WatersEdge ministry services after her junior year at OBU, little did she know where it would lead in three short years. That internship provided a solid foundation of learning that opened the door for further growth and experiences at WatersEdge.

Hired as a full-time employee after graduation, Doughty gained experience working in every role of the accounting division, and her efforts soon landed her a promotion to serve as director of ministry accounting. She now oversees the outsourced accounting services provided by WatersEdge to churches from 13 states. The department’s services have grown significantly from the time she first began when they were serving only six churches; now, her accounting team serves over 100 churches.

A native of Hinton, Oklahoma, Doughty first came to OBU while a junior in high school attending a preview day with a friend. Immediately, the atmosphere and Christian foundation of the university aligned with hers and she knew she wanted to be a student on Bison Hill. Coming from a line of family business owners, Doughty always had an interest in business and was set on pursuing a degree in accounting as she began her college journey.

In May of 2020, Doughty graduated with her Bachelor of Professional Accountancy from OBU Paul Dickinson School of Business. Shortly thereafter, while working for WatersEdge, she earned her Masters in Business Administration through the OBU online program.

“I see business as a calling,” she said. “The question is how do we use business for the glory of God? During my time at OBU, I began to see how my faith could be carried out in the professional world by serving others.”

The key contributors to her success at OBU included both peers and her professors. She merits her fellow business majors for spurring her on in excellence, academics and hard work.

“We had an exceptional class of students who were eager to learn, to excel, and to help each other succeed,” she said. “My professors were very knowledgeable, but also made it fun. Most of them had worked in the corporate marketplace and brought their experiences to us in the classroom. They challenged and inspired me to foster and maintain a Christian perspective as I entered the professional world.”

Doughty says her favorite courses at OBU included both accounting and finance.

“The opportunity to take other classes such as Old Testament, New Testament, Arts and Western Culture, and French created an increased desire to learn and gain a well-rounded education. It was great preparation for life and the workforce,” she added.

One highlight of Doughty’s time on campus was working in the Student Success Center where she helped tutor other business students with homework, test preparation and personal inspiration in the field of business.

“This was a wonderful way for me to meet students of all grade levels and not just those in my particular class,” she said.

During her time as a student, the OBU Accounting Club was established. And, during her senior year, WatersEdge opened up an office in Montgomery Hall on campus and offered her one their internship opportunities.

Today, Doughty is using all of these experiences from OBU to equip her in serving churches of all sizes through WatersEdge.

“This is such rewarding work because I know we are helping gospel-minded people and churches be better equipped in their spending, budgeting and accounting. We serve in the same role as a financial secretary would at a church. The services we offer help them to be better prepared and to strategize how to be good stewards of the resources God has provided. It increases their confidence and ministry impact,” she explained.

Besides her full-time job, Doughty uses her business giftings to serve on the finance committee for her local church where she also teaches 4-5-year-old children on Sundays.

As an OBU future shaper, Doughty said the many experiences she gained on Bison Hill empowered her for where she is today. She has a strong desire to serve others, and ultimately the Lord, through her present calling of business services.

Let’s do this.