Pre-Med Options

The James E. Hurley School of Science and Mathematics has a long history of offering exceptional pre-medical education. Each year numerous students are admitted to medical school. The academic rigor of OBU’s science and math curriculum prepares students to successfully continue in their post-graduate education. Our team of experienced pre-med advisors guide students throughout their undergraduate experience preparing them for the steps needed when applying to medical school.

Personal Letters of Recommendation: Unlike most schools where pre-medical students apply to committees of staff who write letters based on interviews and application materials, OBU’s science faculty write the students’ letters of recommendation. Their letters are based on years of personal interactions together in the classroom and laboratories. This long-standing relationship between faculty-mentors and students enriches and strengthens the recommendation process.

Mock Interviews: When a student earns an interview at a graduate program, OBU science faculty arrange a mock interview to prepare them more fully for the interview experience. This unique and beneficial exercise offers students relevant feedback, builds their confidence, and increases the student’s level of personal preparation.

High Success Rate: In the last three years, 100% of OBU science majors who applied to medical schools were accepted within one year of graduation. Students were often accepted into multiple programs within that same timeframe.

OBU students most frequently apply to, and attend, the University of Oklahoma School of Medicine and Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine, however graduates have also attended a number of additional programs.

Though a smaller university in size, OBU has a strong funding base for its science division. Students benefit greatly from access to research facilities and equipment, such as a qPCR machine, fluorescent microscope, and eukaryotic cell culture facilities. These resources provide extensive hands-on experience to students and expand their knowledge and in wide realm of scientific settings.

What major should I choose if I am interested in pre-med at OBU?

Students planning to attend medical school most frequently choose a major in a science discipline at OBU. Biochemistry, biology and chemistry are popular choices. These programs already have the pre-requisite courses built into their degree plans to be ready to apply to most medical schools.

Those individuals who major in physics and engineering can also find great success in medical school. The challenging coursework featured in these majors prepares students for the rigors of medical school. However, they will need to add coursework to their degree plans in order to meet the pre-requisite requirements for medical school.

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