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The President's Medallion

The president’s medallion is a symbol of the University’s rich history and heritage. A gift from an anonymous donor in honor of the OBU centennial, the medallion is worn at formal ceremonies.

Displayed on the left and right sides of the chain are rectangular links listing the previous presidents and their dates of service. The two sides come together at the base of the chain above the medallion with the name of the current president.

Engraved on a square link above the previous presidents on one side is a portion of the prayer by John Wesley Raley Sr. delivered on his inauguration as a reminder of those who have served: “God, make this my altar, myself the sacrifice, this task to which I put my hand.”

Engraved on a square link on the other side is a list of the core values that guide the decision-making process of the University: “Christ Centered, Excellence Driven, Learning Focused, Missional Purposed, Community Directed.”

Displayed on links on the back of the chain are G. Lee Phelps, missionary, and W.P Blake, trustee chairman, who visited the future campus location in 1910 and there gathered and arranged twelve stones, commemorating God’s leadership of the Israelites across the Jordan River into the Promised Land.

Also displayed are Shawnee leaders George D. McKinnis and J. Lloyd Ford, OBU interim presidents and their dates of service, and the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma and its founding date of 1906.