Cabinet Members

Executive Cabinet

Pat Taylor Interim President, chair
Susan DeWoody Vice President for Academic Affairs
Randy Smith Executive Vice President for Business and Administrative Services
Will Smallwood Senior Vice President for Advancement and University Relations
Tonia Kellogg Director Executive Offices
Bruce Perkins Vice President for Enrollment and Student Life

President’s Council 

Britton Buss Associate VP for Technology Services, Chief Technology Officer 
TBD Associate VP for Student Development, Dean of Students 
Robert Davenport Athletic Director 
Lauri Fluke  Assistant VP for Finance and Administrative Services
Paula Gower  Associate VP for Marketing and Communications
Dale Griffin  Assistant VP for Spiritual Life and Dean of Chapel
Robert Marquardt Director of Facilities Services 
Mike Johnson Director Human Resources
Jack Moore Assistant to the President for Strategic Partnerships
David Shannon Chief University Police
TBD Associate Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness 
Larry Walker Director Campus Services
Heath Thomas Associate VP for Church Relations, Dean College of Theology and Ministry 
Marcia McQuerry  Registrar
Jonna Raney  Director of Student Financial Services
Pam Robinson Dean Humanities of Social Sciences
Chris Jones  Dean Science and Math
Susan DeWoody, Interim Dean College of Graduate and Professional Studies
Chris Mathews Dean College of Fine Arts
David Houghton  Dean College of Business
Lepaine McHenry Dean College of Nursing
Paul Roberts  Dean of Library Services