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Top 3 Benefits of Getting an Exercise Science Degree in Oklahoma

March 8, 2022

Getting a degree in exercise science can prepare you for a rewarding and lucrative career in sports management, recreation, camp administration or even physiology research.

Oklahoma Baptist University is a Christian liberal arts university. Our campus is located in Shawnee, 30 minutes east of Oklahoma City. We offer a variety of degree programs in sports and recreation, all delivered within a framework that provides a thoughtful Christian worldview.

Before we explore the best reasons for considering getting an Oklahoma exercise science degree, let’s take a closer look at this exciting career field – and why you might want to choose OBU to prepare you for a rewarding future.

What’s Exercise Science?

Based on theory and research, this field focuses on the physiology of movement and function as well as the body’s responses and adaptations to movement. Specifically, this scientific discipline looks at how physical activity – or the lack thereof – affects the human body.

From a practical perspective, people who work in this field help improve overall well-being by focusing on the physical mechanisms that affect exercise and performance. The most common objective of an exercise scientist is to maximize the benefits and results of exercise, either for the individual or a specific population.

People who work in this field might choose to work with athletes, children, older individuals, hospital patients, or with a more diverse population in individual practice.

What Is an Exercise Science Degree?

Undergraduate degrees typically encompass an overall study of human anatomy and physiology, and how movement and exercise affect those. Students learn about sports and exercise psychology and nutrition, therapeutic modalities, motor learning, biomechanics and injury prevention. Comprehensive degree programs will also include key topics such as ethics and business administration.

Students of exercise science typically choose a more specific aspect of the discipline for the focus of their program, depending on their career or continuing education goals.

After completing an undergraduate degree program, graduates might choose to pursue a career as a personal trainer, fitness instructor, gym/PE teacher, athletic trainer, sport coach or sports camp director. Other students prefer to go on to grad school, to further expand their knowledge and capabilities.

Is Exercise Science the Same as Physical Therapy?

Although they share some similarities, exercise science is a distinctly different field than physical therapy.

Physical therapy is typically used for the purpose of restoring some aspect of physical function, often after an accident or illness. Although physical therapy can involve the active participation of the recipient, it is frequently limited to scenarios where the recipient is passive as a practitioner delivers therapeutic treatments (such as massage and manipulation).

Another field that is often confused with exercise science is kinesiology. Kinesiologists study the mechanics of human movement and movement’s interaction with anatomy and physiology. Although you might see exercise science described as a sub-field of kinesiology, most degree programs offer different areas of specialization that correlate to each discipline.

What Do You Learn in Exercise Science?

If you ask people working in the field of exercise science for a brief overview of what they do, you’re likely to hear that they improve people’s lives.

In an exercise science degree program, students learn how to combat chronic illness with exercise. They learn how to help even the best athletes improve their performance. Students learn how to apply scientific principles to movement, helping prevent or manage disease, improve lifestyles, enhance performance and avoid falls and injuries.

Like any degree program, students can expect to study more general topics along the way, including math, physical sciences and general education. You will also have the opportunity to choose elective courses in your specific area of interest or focus.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Degree in Exercise Science?

No. 1: A Bright Career Outlook

As we learn more about how important exercise is for overall health and well-being, the demand for experts in this field continues to grow. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a higher than average level of growth and demand for exercise physiologists in the coming decade.

No. 2: An Opportunity to Make a Difference

This high-demand career field allows practitioners to make a real difference in the lives of those they work with. Whether you’re helping people improve their health, extend their life expectancy, or improve their performance, you can expect a long and rewarding career.

No. 3: A Multitude of Options

With an exercise science degree, you will have a myriad of options for job or career roles. Graduates can find opportunities with private corporations, educational institutions, sports leagues, service businesses, community organizations and more.

What Are Your Options for Getting an Exercise Science Degree at OBU?

The Oklahoma Baptist University Division of Exercise Science, Sports and Recreation offers a number of exciting options for you to choose from. No matter what aspect of sports science you might be interested in, our degree programs are designed to help you achieve your goals.

In the field of sports and recreation, we offer degree programs with an emphasis in each of the following areas.

In exercise science, we offer degree programs with an emphasis in both Pre-Allied Health (clinical track) and Human Performance (non-clinical track).

We are committed to educate future exercise science professionals in a way that exemplifies Christian principles and practices. Principles of faith are incorporated into the learning process, helping to ensure that our students are prepared to achieve their highest and best purpose, whatever the future might hold for each.

For potential students who aspire to incorporate their faith into an engaging career field that is full of potential, check out OBU’s Bachelor of Arts in Sports and Recreation with Sports Ministry emphasis. In this program, you will learn to develop programs that are appropriate for church recreation, sports leagues, sports camps and more.

Our faculty supports lectures with real-world experience and hands-on training. You will have internship opportunities that help you further develop your skills and knowledge, preparing you for missions or graduate programs, or to go directly to work in the specialization of your choice.

Contact us today to learn more about getting an exercise science degree at Oklahoma Baptist University, or to schedule your visit to our beautiful campus.