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Earn Your Bachelor of Arts in Sports and Recreation, Athletic Coaching Emphasis

Students will obtain a Bachelor of Science in Sports and Recreation with an emphasis in Athletic Coaching. They will focus on courses in human performance, sports nutrition, sports psychology and sports management. The purpose of this degree is to examine all levels of coaching that emphasizes the physical development, psychological aspects and management of athletic coaching.

Program Options

Program Option Degree Plan
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Sports and Recreation, Athletic Coaching Emphasis PDF

Integrating Faith and Knowledge

Dr. Meredith Bailey loves engaging with students and integrating faith into her role of teaching.

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Dr. Meredith Bailey

What makes an OBU Sports and Recreation, Athletic Coaching Emphasis degree special?

A college degree is required for many coaching positions, especially within schools. The athletic coaching degree prepares students to be well-rounded instead of only having a sport specific knowledge of tactics and skills. Students will develop their own personal coaching philosophy and leadership skills, understand legal requirements, management skills and proper care for athletes’ physical well-being through a variety of courses in human performance. All course content is taught with a Biblical world view where faith is integrated into each course.  

What are OBU graduates doing with their Sports and Recreation, Athletic Coaching Emphasis degrees?

There are several options for students with this degree. Some students have used this degree to coach and teach at private or public K-12 schools, others have used this degree to coach at the collegiate level. Students have also worked in the private sector as full-time coaches for club sports and sport-specific private training.  


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This program is offered through the Division of Exercise Science, Sports and Recreation.

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