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Frequently Asked Questions

Are my sessions confidential?

Our services are confidential, meaning that the Kemp MFT Clinic does not discuss or share clients’ identities or records with anyone except in cases of child or dependent adult abuse/neglect, immediate and specific threats of harm to self and others, court orders, or with the client’s written permission. All services and records are handled with strict confidentiality to protect all clients using the clinic's services.

How can therapy help me?

Therapists can provide support and offer fresh perspectives that help process the challenges in life. Therapy can foster a fuller understanding of yourself and your relationships, improve self-esteem, improve communication, and form new ways to deal with emotional pressures. Sometimes life’s challenges become overwhelming and are, at times, difficult to manage. If you are feeling dissatisfied in any area of your life, therapy can be beneficial for you.

I’ve never been to therapy before. What should I expect for the first appointment?

Before your first appointment, intake paperwork will be sent to you through our client portal that should be completed before your first session. This paperwork helps your therapist learn more about you and your history. In your first session, your therapist will go over what you can expect from therapy, your rights, and obligations as a client, the fees for services, and your therapist’s responsibility as a mental health professional. You will sign a therapy consent agreement, a payment agreement, and a form about our privacy policies. Once your paperwork is completed, you will have a chance to tell your therapist about your concerns and goals for therapy. Your therapist will ask you questions about yourself to develop an idea of how best to assist you. If you still have questions, your therapist will be happy to answer them.

How often do I meet with my therapist and for how long?

The length of treatment depends on the issue(s) presented, the level of severity, and your motivation. The first 1-3 sessions will focus on evaluating your mental health needs, goals, and developing an effective treatment plan to meet your needs. After that, you will meet with your therapist until you both mutually agree to terminate treatment. Length of treatment depends on you and your therapeutic goals. In general, appointments at the Kemp Marriage and Family Therapy are 50 minutes unless otherwise stated or planned. The frequency will be decided between therapist and client.

What is a training clinic? 

The Kemp Marriage and Family Therapy Clinic is an educational, training facility, and our services are provided by graduate therapists under faculty supervision in the OBU Marriage and Family Therapy Program. Our therapists receive rigorous training, and all sessions are recorded to ensure that the therapy you receive is of the highest quality, while also meeting the training needs of our graduate therapists. Being a training clinic also allows for affordable services and lower fees than most mental health providers in the surrounding community.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you do not show up for your scheduled therapy appointment, and you have not notified your therapist at least 24 hours in advance, you may be required to pay the full cost of the session. Exceptions to this policy can include any unanticipated circumstance that could reasonably be called an “emergency.”

Does the Kemp MFT Clinic provide emergency or crisis services?

The Kemp MFT Clinic is not an emergency service, hotline, or crisis center.  If you are in crisis or are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, such as uncontrollable feelings about hurting yourself or others, call 911 or go to your local hospital emergency room.