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Global Outreach Trip Opportunities

Apply by October 27 for Spring Break and Summer 2023 trips. Priority will be given to early applicants. All dates are flexible and subject to change.

Spring Break 2023


Team of 6-8 students. March 11-19.
Spend a week working in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Immerse yourself in this Latin-saturated culture by interacting with its people and places. Three days will be spent working at 2 different orphanages, plus local outreach with a church plant in a low-income area. Students will also spend a day with students at a local bible college. Various projects could include VBS activities, EV, and service projects.  Spanish speakers will be extremely helpful.  


Team of 4-6 students. March 11-19.
Spend a week working in Ecuador.  Our time will be spent in Otavalo with indigenous people groups. Each day will include service projects including agricultural aspects. Mornings will be spent helping local families gain independence through managing their own small businesses of raising produce, selling poultry or small game, among others.Afternoons will include VBS programs at a local park for children of these families. Spanish speakers will be extremely helpful. 

New York City

Team of 12-25 students. March 11-19.
Develop a vision for reaching the nations by making a global impact through urban gateways. NYC is the most ethnically diverse city in the world. Students will work with the Let My People Go Experience, which allows students to fight for those most vulnerable to human trafficking. There will be several focus areas in which students can choose to participate, including at-risk youth, the homeless, and more. 

Summer 2023


Team of 2-4 students. 3-4 weeks.
Work among the local population of Amsterdam to build relationships and establish contacts for local field partners. Large amounts of EV and prayerwalking will be involved. Check back soon for more details. 


Team of 6-8 students. 3-4 weeks. Mid-June-Mid July.
Ecuador is a warm, welcoming, and colorful culture that will embrace you fully. We'll begin in Quito, the beautiful capital of Ecuador.  Our time there will be divided between a local church, an after-school program, and possibly a school or orphanage. Activities include painting murals, crafts, games, stories, teaching, and skits. We will also help a local ministry with various projects which could include feeding programs, children's programs and/or service projects.  Spanish speakers will be extremely helpful. 


Team of 10-12 students. 3 weeks. June or July.
The GO team will work with the ministry called WellSpring in Cairo, Egypt. This team of students will support WellSpring by serving at two weeks of day camps for children ages 4-12. The camps are designed to encourage campers to explore their talents, acquire new skills, and to interact with a Christian influence. Some afternoon camp activities will be based on GO team talents. These talents could include art, music, sports, photography, or drama. There may also be a day or two of refugee outreach at a Christian Camp. The trip will also include cultural experiences by visiting places such as the Egyptian pyramids, The Red Sea, old churches, and boat tour on the Nile.   

England: Leeds

Team of 4-6 students. 3-4 weeks. Late May - Late June.
Work alongside local ministry partners engaging in prayer walking, mapping, EV – park engagement, festivals, church outreach events – and larger projects including neighborhood clean-up after university students disembark. You will also learn from locals – how does university ministry work, different styles of church, church planting ideas, EV, and Bible study techniques, and Chaplaincy Campus Engagement. Participants must be willing to openly share their faith. 


Team of 4-6 students. 2-3 weeks. Late May - Mid June.
This team will come alongside those serving in ministry to orphans as well as children and teenagers who live on the street. Students will minister both to the children living in transitional facilities and those living in foster care in their community.  We will come alongside the local church to provide help and training to foster families.  In addition, we will seek to encourage and strengthen local families in vulnerable situations. 


Team of 4-6 students. 3 weeks. Mid June - Mid July.
As tens of thousands seek a new future in Europe, will you give some time to bring hope and healing to transient, vulnerable refugees? This team will work with both refugees and the Roma (Gypsy) communities in Athens. Both locations offer opportunities to serve in a variety of capacities including refugee care, feeding programs, and kids’ programs. Students with a range of giftedness and experience are needed on this team.  


Team of 10-15 students. 2 weeks. Late July - Early August.
Travel to Nazareth to help with Potter's Wheel Camp at Nazareth Baptist School. This team will begin their journey in Jerusalem and travel to Nazareth, participating in sightseeing and educational excursions for the first part of the trip. Upon arrival in Nazareth, the team will be engaged in conducting an EV-centered VBS/day camp for students at the school. Apart from the GO Trip, summer internships are also available with this organization, so contact the GO Center if you are interested in learning more!  


Team of 4-6 students. 4 weeks. Late May - Late July.
Take part in the International Servant Leadership Exchange Experience hosted by Kazakh-American Free University with the goal of developing servant leadership potential in students through community-building activities, serving opportunities, exposure to practical examples of leadership, and reflection and discussion on activities in a cross-cultural environment. You will visit local corporations, small businesses, non-profit organizations and other institutions; participate in team activities and discussions; implement service projects; and spend a weekend with a local host family and participate in events together. This team will also partner with KAFU students to host an English Youth Camp for high school students while mentoring them in servant leadership principles. 


Team of 2-4 students. 3-4 weeks. May, June, or July.
This team's primary focus is reaching Himalayan Buddhist People. Team members must be extremely fit, relational, self-motivated, EV and prayer-minded, and able to share the truth and disciple those who already know. Trekking to remote villages may be a part of this trip and therefore applicants MUST be extremely physically fit or willing to get extremely fit to participate in this trip. 


Team of 8-12 students. 3 weeks. June.July.
This team will travel to Jos, Nigeria, the hub of Christianity in Nigeria to partner with the Common Ground Connection (CGC) in missions. CGC is an international non-profit parachurch ministry that focusses on equipping and empowering the next generation disciples for kingdom advancement. Students going on this trip need to be spiritually and emotionally mature, be flexible and teachable. The opportunities to see the Kingdom expand on this trip will be endless! 

Together with members of CGC, the team will participate in the following: 

North Africa

Team of 4–6 students. 3-4 weeks. May-June.
Students will assist local workers in building new relationships and deepening existing relationships with a difficult-to-engage population, particularly among the younger generations. Travel to an area of the country where believers are scarce and encouragement for local believers is paramount. This trip will likely include vast amounts of prayer. Learning about Muslim culture and sharing about our culture will be a huge platform for building relationships.  


Team of 6–8 students. 2-3 weeks. July.
This team will spend three weeks at a camp for orphans. This is an overnight camp where the campers stay for  two weeks, which provides the perfect opportunity to build relationships and share your faith. Be prepared to serve in a variety of roles, including kitchen work, counselor, rec team, photographer, A/V, clean-up crew, etc. 


Team of 4–6 students. 3 weeks. June or July.
Volunteer with House of Joy, a women’s center and home for refugees. Be involved with feeding programs and children’s ministry, while building relationships with at-risk populations. In recent months, Ukrainian Refugees have also taken shelter here. Additionally, this team may work with the Roma Community (Gypsies) who are largely isolated, as well as an orphanage near the Ukrainian border. Flexibility and a servant’s heart are imperative. 


Team of 4–6 students. 3-4 weeks. May - June.
Students will assist local workers in building new relationships and deepening existing relationships with a difficult-to-engage population, particularly among the younger generations. This trip will focus more on 'living life' with people than doing specific ministry activities. This trip will likely include vast amounts of prayer and teaching English. Learning about Muslim culture and sharing about our culture will be a huge platform for building relationships. 


Team of 4–6 students. 3-4 weeks. May-June.
This team will work with field partners to provide training for local leaders in areas of Evangelism and Discipleship. They will also minister to Congolese refugees in a nearby refugee resettlement, as well as engage youth in various settings. This team will perform a variety of tasks that best furthers the strategy of the field partners in Kingdom Advancement. Because of the nature of the work, we have been asked to be very selective in who we place on this team. Team members should exhibit spiritual and emotional maturity, as well as have a teachable spirit and servant's heart.