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Groups Supporting Kingdom Diversity at OBU

Not only does OBU have student affinity groups focused on the unique needs and interests of students of color, we also have diversity champions throughout our campus at all levels of the university.

Diversity Committee

The Vice President will assume leadership of the Diversity Committee as Chair. The group is comprised of faculty members, staff members and students from throughout the University to promote campus diversity.

Student Affinity Groups

The Office of University Culture will engage closely with student affinity groups to provide support for their goals and activities. Such groups exist to help create a vibrant environment wherein individuals from various backgrounds can experience a sense of belonging; feel represented, respected, appreciated; make their voices heard in a comfortable atmosphere; articulate and share unique needs and interests; and be supported for individual success.

At this point, the following student affinity groups have been formed:

Additionally, the Student Government Association is a strong supporter of the Kingdom Diversity Initiative. The SGA demonstrates its intentional engagement through its own activities and through support of events sponsored by the above student affinity groups.