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An OBU degree in finance will prepare you as a financial expert in many areas of money management including financial planning, financial analysis, and banking.

Benefits of an OBU Finance Degree

Bloomberg Certification

The experience you will gain will not only familiarize you with the finance industry, but it will also provide you real-time experience to make the transition much more seamless. As OBU finance students you will graduate with Bloomberg certification, the gold-standard in the finance industry.

Industry Support 

Donations from First United Bank and Vision Bank allow you as a finance major to work with over $100,000 in the stock market in a Student Managed Investment Fund. This practical experience gives our students a competitive edge in the job market. As an upper division student, you will manage this fund, which has a performance of 34.38% since its inception in 2013.

Incredible Education, Affordable Cost.

OBU provides a minimum $10,000 per year scholarship to every incoming first-time freshman and $8,000 to every incoming transfer student. Many of our students qualify for additional money through federal Pell grants and OBU Bison Grants.

To get an estimate of your cost to attend OBU, check out our Net Price Calculator. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how affordable an OBU education really is, especially considering the incredible academic quality, personal mentor relationships with faculty and staff, and strong Christian commitment you will experience at OBU.

You won’t find an experience like this anywhere else!

Program Information

Labs and Resources

Dr. Peggy D. Keck Finance and Data Analytics Lab  

This state-of-the-art lab features a flexible, innovative and collaborative learning environment. A 49-foot-long horizontal ticker provides ever-changing data and information that will engage you and offer a highly professional and interactive atmosphere.  

The data analytics lab will maintain our standard of excellence set by our CPA exam preparation with the exam’s new business analytics requirement. 

Professional Networking Opportunities

Lydia’s Lamp

Lydia’s Lamp offers a unique opportunity for female students in the School of Business to enhance their future careers through connection, mentorship and knowledge. Founded in 2017, the program connects students with female business mentors who will help guide them through their time at OBU, The program can help build lasting relationships that go beyond their time at OBU and further prepare students for the workforce.

Elijah’s Mantle

This year-long mentoring program will  pair you with a businessperson so you can make a meaningful connection in the business world. Elijah's Mantle is an opportunity for male students to connect with industry professionals and receive mentorship and guidance that will enhance their future careers. The program often includes business professionals from various areas of specialty who, in many cases, are OBU alumni.

Accounting Club

The Accounting Club meets monthly offering students the opportunity to meet with accounting professionals. This is a great opportunity for networking and meeting representatives of accounting firms in the area.  

Board of Executives

The Paul Dickinson School of Business has a Board of Executives that assures our curriculum remains relevant to industry and provides networking opportunities for you.

Leadership and Service

Our Enactus team is open to all majors on campus. The team works with academic and business leaders to create a better world. Some of our projects have included:

  • Working with Project Spero to create a sustainable funding source as they serve OKC refugees and their mental health needs.
  • Obtaining and remodeling a bus so the Community Market could expand its services to rural parts of Pottawatomie County.
  • Working on a microfinancing project with a number of entrepreneurs in Ecuador.

Job Opportunities and Outcomes

OBU finance graduates have gone on to careers as commercial loan assistants, mortgage bankers, financial institution specialists, financial advisors and client experience associates with companies such as Arvest Bank, Colonial National Mortgage, FDIC, AXA Advisors, LLC. and Fidelity Investments.

Program Options

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

World-Class Faculty

OBU faculty are experts in their fields and will be with you every step of the way.

Dr. David Houghton

Dr. David Houghton

Chair, School of Business
Lloyd G. and Betty E. Minter Chair of Business
Professor of Business
Director, MBA Program

Dr. Craig Walker

Dr. Craig Walker

Ernest C. and Ruby Wheeler Professor of Business
Professor of Economics