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OBU Theatre to Present ‘On the Verge’ April 7-10

March 25, 2022

OBU Theatre will present the adventurous comedy “On the Verge” April 7-10. Evening performances will begin at 7:30 p.m. April 7, 8 and 9. A 2:30 p.m. matinee will conclude the show’s run April 10.

Performances will take place in the Craig-Dorland Theatre inside Shawnee Hall. Seating will be on the stage and will be quite limited. Tickets may be purchased online. Adults are $12 and students are $5.

“On The Verge” was written by Eric Overmyer. The play follows Mary, Fanny and Alexandra as they heed the call to discovery, journeying through uncharted territories with wit, nerve and distinctive Victorian sensibilities. The trio bushwhacks their way through the mysterious Terra Incognita – the last uncharted land on the globe. The play is a whimsical, fantastical comedy that bends time, space and the English language willy-nilly, navigating the search for our place in the world.

The show’s cast is comprised of four OBU students. The role of Mary will be played by Kennedy Largent, junior creative writing major. Natalie Bright, sophomore graphic design major, will play Alexandra. Fanny will be played by Zoe Burdess, junior theatre major. Nathan Goforth, also a junior theatre major, will play Grover, et al.

The show is under the direction of Jennifer Ezell, adjunct professor of theatre. Ezell is excited for audiences to experience the show and to be swept away into its world.

“One reason I love ‘On the Verge’ is that it's a whimsical clown show with true slapstick comedy built into the action,” Ezell said. “These strong, independent women are also slipping, sliding and falling all over the stage. The show also plays with language in a delectable way. The audience knows how words work, but sometimes the characters don't.”

Ezell also noted that audiences are in for an immersive experience at the show.

“I really enjoy bringing the audience into the action. They will sit right on the stage with the actors and the play set extends around them. Most of our audience members have never had this kind of theatre experience and I hope they have fun being in the middle of this quirky show.”

She also noted that this type of comedy and the close proximity to the audience are new experiences for most of the cast members as well.

“These things have also been exciting as I work with the cast. Most of the actors have never been in a physical clown show before or had the audience so close. They are learning new skills and trying new things at every rehearsal.”

The crew for the show includes Emili Ramos, technical director; Joanna Potter, stage manager; Brynn Whitaker, assistant stage manager; Scott Roberts, scenic designer/scenic artist; Augustus Mathews, lighting designer/master electrician; Alyssa Couturier-Herndon, costume/hair/makeup designer; Jordan Evans, sound designer; Anna Smolen, assistant scenic designer/props; Annalise Caudle, lighting advisor; Erin Wilson, costume/hair/makeup crew; Zoe Burdess, dramaturge; and Lainey Cooley, artwork.

Purchase tickets online.