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What Can You Do with A Criminal Justice Degree in Oklahoma?

October 12, 2021

Whether you are just starting to consider your career goals or you are contemplating changing careers, a Criminal Justice degree offers a wealth of opportunities.

When thinking of career paths related to the field Criminal Justice, many of us think first of police work or legal professions, such as prosecutors and defense attorneys. However, this degree program can prepare you for a multitude of other career options, each of which can be exciting and fulfilling, not to mention provide a competitive compensation structure.

Oklahoma Baptist University offers a wide array of courses, classes and degree programs that can help you achieve your goals, whatever they might be. Here are just a few examples of what a Criminal Justice degree from OBU can prepare you to achieve.

Criminal Profiler

Also known as a criminal investigative analyst, profilers might take the lead in criminal investigations or be brought in to consult with law enforcement investigators. In this career role, you might visit crime scenes, review evidence and perform personality assessments to identify characteristics or patterns of suspect behaviors.

Criminal profilers can work as private consultants, or they can be employed by local, state or federal law enforcement agencies. One possible career path you could pursue with a criminal justice degree is to become a profiler with the FBI at one of their Oklahoma field offices.

Domestic Abuse Victim Advocate

Within Oklahoma’s criminal justice system, victims of domestic violence crimes frequently require specialized support throughout the court process and, sometimes, beyond. 

As a Victim Advocate, you might develop safety procedures for victims and their families, establish protocols, maintain records and report on situational hazards regarding victims’ safety and rights. You might also perform larger scale or ongoing risk assessments for victims in your community.

With specialized disciplines in Social Work, Behavioral Science and Marriage, and Family and Child Counseling, Oklahoma Baptist University’s Criminal Justice program can provide you with the knowledge and skills to help you make a difference in victims’ lives.

Private Investigator

As you might already surmise from TV and movies, private investigators can provide crucial support for individual clients as well as local, state and federal authorities.

PIs typically conduct criminal, legal and financial investigations, based on the needs of their clients. They can be hired by attorneys, businesses and private citizens for a variety of purposes. Education requirements can range from Associate’s to Master’s Degrees, and Oklahoma Baptist University has intensive courses to help you achieve those goals.

Fugitive Apprehension Agent

If you’ve ever fantasized of being a Mandalorian or “Dog, The Bounty Hunter,” this Criminal Justice field involves performing high-level, specialized investigations into the location and apprehension of convicted offenders. Typically, these are individuals who have either escaped from prison or neglected to show up for court hearings.

Although we don’t currently offer any courses that teach you to operate clunky, old spaceships, earning a criminal justice degree from Oklahoma Baptist University will give you the necessary skills in penology, psychology, criminology, and police science, (among others) that are necessary to qualify for this exciting career.

Fraud Investigator

Often hired by financial institutions, insurance companies and all types of private companies, fraud investigators (sometimes called fraud analysts) can work in a preventive capacity, developing processes, procedures and strategies to lower the organization’s risk of being victimized by fraudulent activity. People working in this career field can also conduct investigations of suspected or reported fraud.

In the course of your day-to-day activities, you could find yourself interviewing witnesses, reviewing evidence or analyzing data to identify patterns and anomalies. You might also prepare reports and provide testimony in court.

Court Administrator

Municipal, county, state, tribal and federal court facilities employ court administrators for the purposes of planning, organizing, leading, managing and directing court operations and functions. In this role, you will manage court staff and coordinate day-to-day operations. You might be responsible for developing, implementing and manage processes and procedures as well as for handling budgetary matters.

You will typically interact with judges, judicial staff, bailiffs, court reporters, elected officials, etc. Court administrators may also collaborate with outside agencies to achieve operational objectives.

In addition to these potential occupations, consider this program of study if you’re considering any of these career fields.

If you plan to pursue another type of degree program, such as Forensic Psychology or Political Science, for example, you could also consider pursuing criminal justice as your minor.

What Is the Best School for Criminal Justice Degrees in Oklahoma?

As these and related career fields become more popular – and more in demand – most universities have begun to offer criminal justice degrees. Choosing the school that’s best suited to your needs will help ensure the successful completion of your degree program in the shortest possible time.

Oklahoma Baptist University is proud to offer two program options: a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Criminal Justice and a Minor in Criminal Justice.

There are many factors that may be driving you toward attaining a Criminal Justice Degree in Oklahoma, including higher levels of salary or excitement, or the desire to help those who cannot help themselves. Oklahoma Baptist University has all the tools, including financial aid and payment plans to make your dreams of earning your degree come true.

Contact us today to learn more about student life at OBU or apply online now to get started on earning your criminal justice degree in Oklahoma.