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Earn Your Bachelor of Arts in Forensic Psychology

The program offers high quality upper division courses and advisement designed to prepare students for a wide variety of careers related to Forensic Psychology, as well as providing graduates with a solid foundation for postgraduate study. The experiences assist and encourage students as they continue the process of understanding the nature of their personal Christian commitment and seek to integrate these insights into their academic disciplines and their vocational choices.

Program Options

Program Option Degree Plan
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Forensic Psychology PDF
Minor in Psychology PDF
Minor in Advocacy PDF

What makes an OBU Forensic Psychology degree special?

The Forensic Psychology Degree involves blending psychology and law. Forensic psychologists assess and evaluate the mental state of criminals and victims and often serve as expert witnesses in criminal trials. Because forensic psychology licensure requires a graduate degree, the bachelor’s degree functions to provide a strong foundation for specialized graduate work. This degree enables students to integrate their faith with their knowledge and understanding of the field of forensic psychology.

What are OBU grads doing with their Forensic Psychology degrees?

This a new program at OBU, and students have not yet graduated with this degree. You can be one of the first to graduate and begin a career with your Forensic Psychology degree.

Examples of possible careers include the following:


Learn more about our Behavioral and Social Sciences faculty.

This program is offered through the Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences.

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