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Where to Get a Nursing Degree in Oklahoma

September 14, 2021

The U.S. is currently experiencing an extreme nurse shortage. If you’re considering pursuing a degree in this noble career field, you will have many opportunities to choose from after graduating.

If you hope to obtain a nursing degree in Oklahoma, you will have many outstanding institutions of learning to choose from.

Deciding on a career path and educational institution will have a profound affect on your future happiness and financial well-being. Making the right choices now will help ensure that you have a fulfilling and economically sound future.

The Current Nurse & Future Shortage

Having a sufficient number of nurses is critical to the health of the population. Many of the problems that plague the America healthcare system relate directly to a shortage of qualified nurses in the workforce.

According to Nurse Journal, the U.S. healthcare system was already under increasing pressure due to the aging Baby Boomer generation. The COVID-19 pandemic placed the industry in crisis, from which we will struggle for years to overcome.

Research indicates that that the U.S. currently has almost 4 million nurses. However, another million qualified nurses are needed immediately. This career field is projected to have the highest demand of any other , with 11 million nurses expected to be needed by 2026.

Nurse Journal reports that the U.S. average number of nurses per 1,000 population is 12.6. In Oklahoma, however, that number is only 11.17. Texas has even fewer, at 9.62. Research indicates that job growth in this field will be largest in the western and southern U.S., however every geographic region will see significantly increased demand for qualified nursing professionals.

Why Choose to Pursue a Nursing Degree?

In addition to countless job opportunities in the field, the nursing filed offers one of the most lucrative salary structures available today.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that, in 2020, the average nursing pay was $75,330 per year, with is a little more $36 per hour. listed the highest paying jobs for nurses, which provides a wealth of information regarding specific career specialties that nurses can pursue.

For example, nurse practitioners can earn almost $112,000 annually and ICU nurses can earn $95,000. Although compensation varies depending on the geographic location of your job and other factors, the field offers exceptional outlooks for job openings, growth opportunities and above-average compensation.

Of course, nurses are some of the most dedicated, hardest-working employees in the world. The job can require long hours in a high-pressure environment. However, many opportunities for nurses can be found in less arduous environments, such as private medical practices, in-home care, and educational or administrative roles.

Where Is the Best Place to Get a Nursing Degree?

The type of degree you need depends on what area of the field you plan to work in. You can pursue degree programs such as Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN), Registered Nurse (RN), Nurse Practitioner (NP), and others.

The most common degree program that candidates pursue is Bachelor of Science in Nursing, or BSN. With this degree, you can pursue either LPN or RN certification. Many students opt to pursue postgraduate studies in a Master of Science Nursing (MSN) program.

The best place to get a BSN or MSN degree depends on the prospective student’s needs and values.

For many students, the ability to study online is imperative. Many nursing students are working adults who aren’t able to participate in the traditional on-campus educational model. Although nursing programs do require some in-person, clinical components, you can find schools that offer, to the greatest extent possible, online nursing degree programs.

Another consideration is the student’s beliefs and value system. Many prospective nursing students would prefer to study at a university that emphasizes social and spiritual growth as critical components of learning programs. The prospect of studying in a supportive Christian community that emphasizes both ethical and intellectual standards.

If you are considering getting a nursing degree in Oklahoma, you will find all of these features at Oklahoma Baptist University.

Why Choose a Nursing Program at Oklahoma Baptist University

Located in Shawnee, Oklahoma – a nearby suburb of Oklahoma City – OBU is Christian liberal arts university that emphasizes intellectual, spiritual and social growth and development.

OBU has received repeated recognition as a College of Distinction and Christian College of Distinction. We have full accreditation, including accreditation through the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. Our BSN program has full approval status from the Oklahoma Board of Nursing.

We offer online nursing degrees for today’s student, with highly affordable tuition. To make your educational journey even more affordable, we also have multiple opportunities for nursing scholarships and a dedicated team of financial aid advisors.  

Students thrive in our vibrant community of supportive staff, faculty and students. We have multiple student organizations and intramural sports opportunities and, of course, a rich tapestry of spiritual development opportunities.

Although we could give you dozens of reasons why we believe that OBU is the best place to get a nursing degree in Oklahoma, these are some of the most persuasive reasons to consider enrollment in one of our nursing programs.

You can apply for a nursing program online today or schedule a visit to our beautiful Bison Hill campus. You can meet students and faculty, and learn more about the OBU School of Nursing. We think you’ll agree that there’s no better place to get a nursing degree in Oklahoma!