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SGA Hosts Hyde Park Chapel and Holds Elections April 3, Announces Election Results

April 4, 2019

The Student Government Association at OBU held their annual spring elections Wednesday, April 3. Polls opened at 11 a.m. following the annual Hyde Park Chapel and closed at 5 p.m.

SGA announced the results of the election shortly after the polls closed.

Clayton Myers and Olivianna Calmes were elected as student body president and vice president, running unopposed.

Misael Gonzalez and Braden Gammon were elected as senior class president and vice president, running against Luke Fornea and Arielle Chastain.

Those elected as senior class senators include Andrew Joyce, Elisha Coffin, Chad Jordan, Byan Guerkink and Kylee Sloan. Other candidates for senior class senator included Natalia DePaz, Joy Rhodes, Cameron Veal and Taylor Conn-Madden.

Noah Graves and Ryan Fisher were elected as junior class president and vice president, running unopposed.

Those elected as junior class senators include Josh Spears, Gavin Yoesting, Casey Jackson, Chandler Roberts and Brooklynn James. Other candidates for junior class senator included Temesgen Hands, Amber Rodriguez, Makalah Jessup and Brenna Holley.

Miranda Toland and Noah DeMoss were elected as sophomore class president and vice president, running against Avery Miller and Jackson Winn.

Those elected as sophomore class senators include Madison Gordon, Grace Harvey, Grace Hill, Clara Thompson and Cole Kliewer. Other candidates for sophomore class senator included Koal Mannis, Taryn Weber, Avery Delano, Tessla Brewer, Kaiya Reeves, Emma Sampson, Canyon McHee, Kinzi Fergason and Cole Dibbler.

Hyde Park Day was instituted at the university in 1958 after Dr. John W. Raley, then OBU president, visited Hyde Park in London, England. At “Speakers' Corner” in Hyde Park, anyone may set up a soap box and lecture all those in earshot on any topic. Spectators then are allowed to question the speaker. When the event began at OBU, based on the idea of free oratory, SGA candidates would gather in the quadrangle on campus, set up “political booths” and vie for students’ votes.

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