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OBU Elects Student Government Senators, Freshman Officers

September 16, 2011

Adam Cribbs, from Macomb, Okla., and Jose Carrillo, from Eakly, Okla., won the offices of president and vice president for the Class of 2015. The elected freshman senators are Cody Moser from Noble, Okla.; Brayden Buss from Okmulgee, Okla.; and Rebekah DeCosier from Shawnee, Okla.

Winners for the sophomore class senate are Erin Tresch from Tulsa, Okla.; Elizabeth Norrie from Enid, Okla.; and Brandon Gibson from Harrah, Okla.

Junior class senators are Colin Metcalf from Jenks, Okla.; Tristen Rizzo from Owasso, Okla.; and Caitlyn Yount from Shawnee.

Senior class senate includes Chuck Porter from Owasso, Okla.; Timothy O'Gwynn from Shawnee; and Jake Hooten from Seminole, Okla.

Senators at-Large are Rachel Adamson from Stillwater, Okla.; Rayna Dawson from Harrison, Ark.; Abbey Basler from Lawton, Okla., and Brad Batchelor from Wichita Falls, Texas.

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