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Integrated MFT Program

Start earning your MFT degree during your senior year!

The OBU MFT program hosts an undergraduate program that provides an opportunity for undergraduate Seniors at OBU to apply for early admission into the MFT program.

Through an integrated program, OBU provides the opportunity for students from all disciplines to begin work toward a Master of Marriage and Family Therapy degree while completing an undergraduate degree at OBU. Through the program, students from any academic discipline can pursue completion of both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree within approximately six years.

To participate in the program, the student must complete the MFT degree program admission process by submitting an application, professional recommendations, a statement of purpose and current transcript. A student will typically apply during the junior year of undergraduate course work. At least 96 hours of undergraduate course work must be completed prior to beginning master’s-level courses.

Additionally, an interview with MFT program faculty is required. The student is provisionally admitted into the MFT program until the bachelor’s degree is completed. Students who demonstrate success in the graduate courses may have the GRE requirement waived for admission into the graduate program.

Advanced Standing students may begin MFT graduate classes in August of their senior year. Undergraduates may take up to twelve hours of graduate work. The remaining MFT degree requirements may be completed following completion of the bachelor’s degree. Advanced Standing students may receive undergraduate credit of parallel content to the graduate course. The MFT Program Director will advise students on which courses they can take at the graduate level.

Students are strongly encouraged to consult with Student Financial Services to determine the best approach for maintaining undergraduate aid/scholarships while acquiring graduate credit.

Recommended Courses

The following 15 hours of undergraduate Psychology/Family courses are recommended for student success with the MFT degree program:

For more information, contact the Director of the Graduate Program in Marriage and Family Therapy 


When do I apply?

The priority deadlines are usually the last week of March/beginning of April. Go to the Grad School Website ( and fill out the online application. Get your resume/vita and statement of purpose completed and make sure to get your references out. If you’re applying close to or after the deadline, make sure to let your references know that there is a quick turn-around needed. Faculty and/or work supervisors tend to have the best reference for your ability to be successful in a graduate program.

Where should I send my application documents?

Complete the online application and email any other documents to

Can I use my undergraduate scholarships to pay for my graduate classes?

Yes. You'll enroll in the Integrated section of the MFT courses which facilitates the courses' inclusion in your undergraduate block tuition.

How much does the graduate program cost?

The program is a 45 credit hour program that is $550 a credit hour. That comes out to $24,750 for the entire program or $1,650 for a 3 hour class. We try to be frugal with our required books, so the average cost per class for books has been around $80-100. If an Integrated Program student took the 12 hours available in the Fall and Spring semesters they would see a reduction of the total cost of the graduate program by $6,600 because these hours are billed at the undergraduate block tuition rate.

Why would I do this?

The main benefit would be that it would enable a student to start the program and have a lighter load in the final year of the program. You’d basically be moving courses that you’d take while you were also a practicum student. Many students find that the time when they are clinically active (seeing clients at a practicum site) is both exciting and stressful and having a few less things to worry about is helpful. If students are successful in the Integrated Program then we would waive the GRE requirement for admission in to the full program. You’d also have the opportunity to receive undergraduate credit for the graduate classes that you’d be taking.

So, how many credits and what classes can I would I get credit for?

Students can enroll in 3-12 credit hours in the Integrated Program.

  • Foundations of Family Therapy would qualify for Psychotherapy and Family Therapy: Theory and Practice
  • The other 9 hours will count towards the Pre-Counseling Major requirements or towards Electives for some majors

Where should I go to find out if it would work out financially?

You can talk with Dr. Crane and he can help explain some of the finer points but you should DEFINITELY talk with your Financial Aid Advisor before making any decisions that might affect your financial aid status.