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Integrated MA

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No matter what your discipline of study, you can begin work toward a Master of Arts in Christian studies while completing your undergraduate degree. You don’t have to major in a Bible, theology or ministry field to qualify for the Integrated Bachelor's Degree/MA Degree Program. You only need to complete the prescribed six hours of Bible courses in the core curriculum (REL 1013; REL 1023) and meet other graduate program admission standards before admission to the MA program will be granted. OBU’s MA degree programs provide each student with a solid foundation in the Christian faith, Christian worldview and Christian life and equip students to follow their callings to lead the church, defend the faith and reach the world for the cause of Christ and glory of God.

Students may apply for admission after completion of their sophomore year and may take courses during their junior and/or senior years of undergraduate work. Undergraduate students may count up to 12 hours of MA coursework for undergraduate credit. The program effectively reduces the number of graduate credit hours needed from 36 to 24.

Admission Requirements for Integrated MA Program

Online vs. In-person Integrated Option

The MA in Christian Studies: Biblical and Theological Studies emphasis offers a unique 16 week in-person option that current students can participate in. The in-person courses are stacked with corresponding undergraduate courses. The two levels will meet in conjunction with one another but as an MA student you will have a separate syllabus with additional assignments, lengthened papers, more rigorous assessments, and/or other learning and teaching opportunities.

This in-person option was created for those seeking face-to-face instruction with graduate level coursework. As an integrated student seeking the Biblical and Theological Studies emphasis, if you choose the in-person instruction option there will be a $100 fee for that course.

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