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Integrated MBA

Students at Oklahoma Baptist University are more likely to complete their bachelor’s degrees in four years than at most colleges in the region. Now, our Integrated Bachelor’s Degree/MBA Degree Program gives you the chance to complete both undergraduate and graduate degrees in five years. No matter what your discipline of study, you can begin work toward a Master of Business Administration degree at OBU while completing your undergraduate degree. You don’t have to major in a business field to qualify for the integrated program. You only need to complete the prescribed 12 hours of business courses and meet other Graduate Programs admission standards before provisional admission to the OBU MBA program will be granted. OBU’s MBA degree program helps you learn to lead by building your skills in proven administrative practices rooted in biblical principles. There is a business side to every profession.

An MBA degree deepens your understanding of how to lead people well and how to make wise strategic and financial decisions no matter what your career may be. The integrated program will allow you to get into your career faster and with stronger academic credentials than your peers. It is another way OBU can accelerate your career as you gain skills for a lifetime of leadership and service. Undergraduate students may count up to six hours of OBU MBA cross-listed course work for undergraduate credit. The program effectively reduces the number of OBU MBA credit hours needed to be taken in year five from 33 to 27. The following 12 hours of required business courses must be completed for provisional admission to the MBA Degree Program:

  • FIN 3403 - Introduction to Business Finance
  • MATH 2003 - Basic Statistics
  • ACCT 2013 - Principles of Accounting I
  • ECON (Micro or Macro)

Why Choose an OBU MBA?


Oklahoma Baptist University is here to help you become a leader in business. This degree program is designed to help you engage and lead with wisdom and discernment regarding issues of today and tomorrow.


Your studies here can be shaped to fit your desired goals in your present position or the position you have your eye on. Some of the courses include projects which can be tailored to fit the goals of the individual student.

Foundational Ethics

At OBU we utilize materials from our Ethics, Business and Leadership course to help you strengthen your business ethic.